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Tooth Extractions Services

Tooth extractions also referred to as the dental extraction/tooth polling is a dental process which entails the removal of teeth from the dental alveolus located at the alveolar bone. It is basically the removal of tooth from its socket in the bone.

Generally, we render tooth extractions services by our qualified and professional dentist who have been trained and have maximum knowledge and experience in respect to the tooth extractions aspect. They ensure equality among all our patients; they treat every single patient according to the professional ethic rule. They give room for consultancy and give a good treatment in respect to the test been carried out.

what is teeth extraction

It is recommended that one should visit a dentist that have a sound, good experience and outstanding knowledge about tooth extractions. Our set of specialist will carry out a test to know the type of method which will work the patient, not just jumping to the tooth extraction stage.

Emergency Tooth Extractions in Elegant Dental Care


Treatment of Toothaches

We offer you the best evaluations and treatment of toothaches, in order to get rid of cases like tooth decay, abscessed tooth, tooth fracture, damage filling, and so on. Our certified dentist will take a look at your oral structure and detect any dental disorder (if present), review possible solution and improve your oral status through the handiwork.

tooth crowding

Solving the Problem of Crowding

At elegant dental care, we provide solutions to the problem of crowding. In some cases, emergency tooth extraction in Maryland is carried out to get rid of overcrowding and some cases of teeth, which are too large for the mouth. Our dental professionals help by removing one or several teeth, to help align the patient’s teeth in a proper and presentable manner.

infected tooth

Treatment to Risk of Infection

We render the service of getting you the best tooth extraction on an infected tooth so that additional problems will not develop. We take extractions services as a serious consideration; prevent infection and its subsequent spread for your conformability.

Tooth Extraction Cost and Price

Things are not unique every place, the extractions prices does vary. It is definitely not static, and this depends on the nature of anesthethesia. But we offer the best extraction services to our patients with price they can afford. Among these services include the surgical extractions which involve the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed just because they are broken or because they are not erupted fully.
Regardless of the amount and status of our patient, our dentists will evaluate your oral issue through consultancy and guide you along the right path through the impact of the treatment they render. Equality treatment is certain in our extraction services, irrespective of your status, and the amount you have in hand, our hospitality is the greatest, it is incomparable, and we let our patients feels and have the betterment of been treated by a professional specialist. Rest assured that our extractions prices are well designed to cater for the extractions processes.

What to Expect from Wisdom Teeth Removal

When undergoing wisdom teeth removal, make sure to have a friend or family member drive you home, as it will not be safe for you to do so after being sedated. The extraction site will bleed for a while after the surgery, and our office will provide you with packets of gauze for you to change out when they become soaked.

Rest with your head elevated, eat soft foods that don’t require chewing, and use an ice pack if needed. Be sure to avoid smoking or drinking through a straw, as the sucking motion can undo the sutures. If the bleeding lasts longer than 24 hours or increases in severity, call us immediately.

Wisdom Teeth

Other Dental Extractions

Tooth extractions aren’t limited to wisdom teeth. When teeth are too badly broken, decayed, or infected for a root canal, removing them may be the only option. Whatever the case, the extraction should always be done as soon as possible to minimize risk of infection. Our practice accommodates this need by keeping availability open on nights and weekends.

Dental extractions are common procedures that are no problem for our well-trained dentist. They can be performed for just one tooth or all four wisdom teeth at once. Depending on your situation and what you would prefer, we can do general or local anesthetic to numb you up or knock you out. We can also supply you with any pain medication, prescriptions, or cleaning solutions you may need. Be sure to let us know if you experience any irritation or prolonged pain, and schedule follow-ups with us if necessary.

Tooth Extraction Near Me

Maryland, Columbia, Baltimore, Howard County, Ellicott City and ect.

Generally, we offer high quality tooth extractions Columbia MD, at an affordable cost. We provide one of the best tooth extraction in Maryland that include treatment of swelling and discomfort teeth, the treatment of toothaches, best solution to the problem of crowding and treatment of risk of infection.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

We welcome our patient, sight them with good recommendation and provide a better hospitality to them across Maryland and beyond, making sure they receive the best treatment. People do complain that the processes of the tooth extractions Maryland is so painful, but our group of professional dentists and specialists strive hard to provide you with the best techniques which will be comfortable without undergoing any form of stress, by carrying out a checkup to understand the morphological structure of the oral setup and the techniques that will suit them in respect to the extraction of the teeth.

Tooth Removal Dentist in Columbia, MD

Getting teeth pulled is nobody’s favorite thing, but when you have it done by our tooth removal dentist in Columbia, MD, the process is easy and painless. Elegant Dental Care uses all of the latest and greatest sedation methods and equipment to ensure you don’t feel a thing. Regular exams and x-rays can tell you if you’re going to need wisdom tooth removal, which means you could have the surgery before the teeth have a chance to cause you pain.

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that come in during the late teens and early twenties. Some people get lucky and have enough room in their mouth for the teeth to grow in with no problems. Others, however, find themselves in pain when the teeth come in only partially or at an angle. This causes structural damage not just to other teeth, but the jaw too. Wisdom teeth are hard to clean because they’re not easily accessible, which makes them an easy target for bacteria growth.

Contact us to remove damaged or unwanted teeth right away. We perform extractions for patients in Columbia, Ellicott City, Clarksville, Laurel, and Baltimore, Maryland, and neighboring areas.