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How Do I Know If I Need A Root Canal Or A Filling?

You'll Learn about When You Would Need Root Canal or Filling in This Post

If you are wondering that if there are some specific symptoms and there is root canal needed or not, you are at right place. We are here going to discuss every root canal needed symptoms, root canal causes and all other situations in which root canal needed but no pain or root canal needed after the crown. You just have to read the whole article and you’ll know each and every single detail regarding root canal.

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If you ever feel severe tooth pain, tooth sensitivity towards cold or hot, tooth discoloration or gum swelling, you may need to have a root canal. But, you should first have a detailed self analysis and then if detailed root canal symptoms occur in your teeth, then you should go for root canal after consulting with your professional dentist. Following are some popular root canal causes or root canal symptoms you need to know.

1. Severe and Consistent Pain

Teeth grinding can causeserioushealtheffects

Normal tooth pain does not confirm that there is root canal needed, but a regular and persistent tooth pain can be an important indicator from major root canal causes.

2. Tooth Sensitivity


If your tooth is more sensitive towards cold or hot, It is among definite symptoms among root canal symptoms, but still you need to try to cure it with some hygiene rinse and fluoride toothpaste before going to root canal, but if your tooth ache becomes unbearable for longer time and you can’t eat or drink properly, you should consult with your dentist about the possible root canal.

3. Swollen Gums or Discolored Teeth


There are also some situations in which root canal needed but no pain occurs in the tooth. Some popular cases in which root canal needed but no pain like swollen gums and discolored tooth should not be ignored as well. Take care about them.

4. Pimpled Gums


If you observe the pimples or some swelling on the gums that are the clear root canal causes, indicating that there is root canal needed. You should immediate contact with the dental specialists to have a check up about the possible root canal.

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Is Root Canal Necessary?


It is obviously one of the common questions. You need to know the root canal in reality before getting the answer. Root canal is basically a technique which is used to fix your infected, cracked, decayed or dead tooth in your mouth without pulling it out. It is just a preservation because if you pull that tooth out via a dental implant, there will be a gap between your teeth which will be filled with an artificial tooth. 

Having a root canal instead of an artificial tooth implant is considered as a better choice because dental implant is a complex procedure in which your whole tooth with root is pulled out and then it is filled with a metallic placeholder that is filled by an artificial tooth. This complete procedure takes some weeks to get back to normal routine because you’ll have to do some dental implant aftercare as well. That’s why it is a better option to have a root canal. However, you must consult your dentist before going into any judgment.

Is Root Canal Needed If No Pain?


Many people don’t face the major root canal symptoms like severe pain. They keep on asking or searching that is root canal is still needed if there is no pain. Most of these people are just afraid to have a root canal because they think it is a painful process. In reality, it is not. Well, there are some certain root canal needed symptoms even if there is no pain.

  • If your tooth has a fracture or there is a large cavity then you should consider the root canal before its reach to the pulp.
  • Even if you are not facing any pain, but your tooth is infected or there are some bumps on your gum then it may get further infected and it may be more painful in the future. So, you should consider a root canal as a preventive measure.

Is root canal needed for a crown?


Sometimes there is root canal needed after the crown. Your crowns can be infected or cracked if you try chewing something hard. After a crack, the bacteria can reside beneath your crown and infect your whole teeth and gum. If this infection reaches the pulp, then there is root canal needed after the crown. However, your cracked crown can be repaired and restored in many cases, but if the tooth beneath the crown gets infected, then root canal becomes a necessary option. There is nothing to worry about root canal with a crown. You can have a root canal with a crown. The dentist will just remove the crown and after a successful root canal, you can simply have your crown back restored after a few weeks.

Now you should not worry about the root canal. There are many root canal causes, you just have to learn all about root canal needed symptoms. One of the important root canal causes is the severe pain. Although, sometimes root canal needed but no pain happens. It is an early stage of an infection. So, don’t be lazy in that early stage. Go to your dentist and have a proper checkup to see if you need immediate root canal or not. You can find best root canal specialist near your area by using search engines like Google, Mozilla FireFox Etc. There are many apps and advertisements on social media platforms guiding you the nearest best root canal dentist with their rating. You just have to simply make a query in your browser like root canal near me. You’ll automatically get the nearest specialists with their rating, timings and address in the top search results. Contact them and root canal symptoms and root canal causes book a visit. Some of them have a website and you can check them to see all too.

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