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How Much Does Dental Implant Cost?

Dental implant cost ranges from 3000$ to 4500$ on average. There are several important factors to be considered for the calculation of the exact dental implant cost. First of all, your residential area defines the implant cost, secondly the experience and credentials of your selected surgeon may affect the price range. On third step, your teeth structure and condition fluctuate the price range of a tooth implant; it means that the surrounding gum structure defines that is it possible right now to make an implant or further procedures are required to make it possible.

Dental implant is quite an expensive procedure, sometimes it costs more than other kind of major surgeries. So, people always look for the best possible affordable places to get cheap dental implant. Whenever you search or try to find the answer of this query by yourself, you get to know several dental clinics offer you a complete package of tooth restoration. You come across several cost calculators online to estimate your dental implant cost by toting your desired procedures.

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It involves gum filling, jaw straightening and obviously the tooth implant. Further, you are referred to some dental schools. In the dental schools, there are some qualified students who does their house job to get professional experience under the high supervision of some most professional surgeons. So, they offer you much cheap offer as compared to the market. But the problem is that these dental schools are not always available for you to have treatment but they only arrange some special sessions or campaigns to provide it to the surrounding needy people. On normal days “dental implant cost near me” is the same as in the other days because no insurance policy covers the dental implant because it is considered as the cosmetic procedure in their law book.

Dental Implant Cost Per Tooth

Implants per tooth

Dental implant cost per tooth is almost residing between 4000$ to 6000$ on normal conditions. For example, you have only one tooth loss in an accident that needs to be substituted by the dental implant but your whole mouth is in good condition. Your jaw and gum are in perfect condition; only recommended procedures are to be done. In this favorable condition, you will get a successful dental implant between 3000$ to 4000$ by your favorite surgeon. But, if there are some extra steps or procedures to be taken before or besides the tooth implant, then you are supposed to pay even more. If such procedures like bone grafting, extractions and tissue grafting are to be taken, you will have to pay 1500$ to 3000$ more. On average, it will become 6000$ dental implant cost per tooth.

Dental Implant Cost Full Set

Dental implant cost full set is definitely going to be high because it is just not about a normal tooth implant but it deals with other hygiene and protective techniques to make it even safer and last long impact. Dental implant full set requires following steps to take for complete dental implant : 

  1. X-Ray checkup
  2. Base implant
  3. Abutment
  4. Extraction
  5. Meditation

X-RAY checkup:

Before any kind of dental implant, your surgeon or dentist has to do a complete X-RAY checkup to find out the condition of your jaw. This checkup is to find out that, if your jaw is in perfect position, for implant and your gums has some adequate shape to support the normal dental implant ,or not. Therefore you have to pay around 200$ to 500$ depending on the above pricing factors.

Base implant:

Base implant is the phase which is normally considered as the dental implant. Basically it involves putting a substituted tooth in place of the original one made by metals involving zirconium and titanium. This tooth implant cost almost 2000$. It can be more expensive if the crown has to be dealt too.

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Abutment, in the dental implant, plays the same role as the screws play in the mechanical process. It strongly fits the substituted tooth well into the jaw. On average, this process costs up to 500$.


Tooth extraction can also be done in dental implant because some teeth are not in well shaped; they don’t allow a smooth tooth implant; they don’t allow much space for a new implanted tooth. Therefore these stubborn teeth need to be extracted before the dental implant. This hectic process costs you some extra buck of around 500$ to 600$.


Tooth extraction and tooth implant both involves surgery techniques. Proper meditation needs to be done to make it safe and hygiene. There can be several antibiotics involved in meditation so that any kind of virus or infection may not affect the process.

Dental implant cost for full mouth

Implants full mouth

Sometimes, a single tooth implant does not work well for a patient because of abnormal or severe conditions. When multiple teeth implants also do not work then patient usually opts for full mouth dental implant. Full mouth dental implant is much safe and stable than multiple teeth implants. It is much safer and gives more sustainability or originality to the mouth then multiple implants. However, the dental cost for full mouth is certainly a financial burden on the patient. This hectic process involves placing a full artificial jaw plate. So, all the remaining teeth need to be extracted before placing a plate. That’s why it is much costly surgery because of multiple tooth extraction and then a complete dental surgery. An average cost range of full mouth dental implant varies from 20000$ to 70000$ depending upon the kind of surgery. Research shows that a normal installation of a single plate in dental implant of full mouth costs around 40000$ on average. Before and after this installation, there are many safety measures and some hygiene processes are to be taken. Therefore, they raise the normal budget up and full mouth dental implant is resulted as the most expensive dental surgery.

Noting down all the above stated facts and figures, you should wisely choose that what kind of dental implant you need to be done, because only some rare companies rarely support you in the financial matter. Moreover, no insurance plan covers the dental surgery so you should wisely select any dental insurance plan.

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