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Which Teeth Whitening Is The Best?

Teeth whitening is the best make over, a person can do, to enhance the personality. If you have handsome look and cool dressing sense but your teeth are not whitened, you cannot be as much confident and attractive as you should be. Take care of your precious teeth and if there is a need of teeth whitening then go for it as soon as possible. Further, you should know that -teeth whitening- is a cosmetic procedure that is not a life time hack. As you do brush your teeth regularly to avoid any stains, in the same manner, you should go for teeth whitening after some weeks or months because it is a cosmetic process that deals with the whitening agent. Mostly, whitening agent contains the low amount of Hydrogen Peroxide. The professional dentists use the higher amount of the Hydrogen Peroxide because they deal it with professional manner after using the gum guards.

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First of all, let’s make it clear that why do the teeth get yellowish. Our teeth have the aging process in which they get yellow when they are over accessed by the high amount of cola, fluoride, tea or tobacco. Our teeth have thick white upper layer which is called enamel. Whenever enamel is affected, it becomes thinner and the inner layer (dentin) is over exposed and becomes darker, our teeth look less bright than before because of reflection caused by thin enamel and darker dentin. If only enamel is covered by stains then you can get rid of them by simple teeth whitening toothpastes or an electric toothbrush. This method is called extrinsic teeth whitening. On contrary, if your enamel is somewhat damaged and your dentin needs to be whitened then it is called intrinsic whitening, that is done by advanced techniques like teeth bleaching. A teeth bleaching is done by the bleaching agent, in which there is higher amount of hydrogen peroxide. Let’s discuss all the best professional teeth whitening methods and teeth bleaching processes.

Teeth Whitening Methods

There are several teeth whitening methods which are suitable in some specific situations. Followings are the best professional teeth whitening processes

  • Whitening Toothpaste
  • Whitening Rinses
  • Tray-based Whitening Agents
  • Teeth Bleaching
  • Whitening strips
  • Laser lights

Whitening Toothpaste

There are several whitening toothpastes available in the market. They can be applied on teeth via regular toothbrush. If your teeth are only affected by just external stains then it may work for you. Just change whitening toothpaste with an ordinary one and you are good to go. These whitening toothpastes contain some light amount of peroxide that helps to remove the stains caused by smoke or drink. Remember! These toothpastes only work for the external stains which are placed on enamel. Further, your teeth would be lightened by only one shade by such whitening toothpastes because there is very little amount of peroxide in them.

Whitening Rinses (mouth-washer)

teeth whitening rinses

You may already know there are several mouth washers in the market helping in refreshing breathe. In the same manner, there is some whitening rinse used for teeth whitening. You just have to put the whitening rinse in your mouth for 60 seconds so it may get contact with the stains and teeth well. After one minute, you can wash your mouth. It is much reliable as you don’t have to take extra precautionary measures but it is a slow process. It may take some weeks or months to get the proper result.

Tray-based Whitening Agents

Tray-based whitening agents are very common. Your dentist makes a proper tray according to your mouth size so the gums are not affected. These trays are partially filled or coated with the whitening agents. When you place the tray in your mouth, the whitening agent gets maximum contact with the teeth. You just have to place this tray for some hours in your mouth for some weeks. .

Teeth Bleaching:

In a normal routine, you may have done the skin bleaching to get the faster result. In a same fashion, teeth bleaching quickly whiten your teeth because there is high amount of whitening chemical in the bleaching agent. Normally, hydrogen per oxide is used in all teeth whitening products but you must cover the gums before applying any whitening product because it may damage the soft tissues of gums and you may feel sensitivity after the damage. So, always consult the professional dentist before doing any kind of teeth bleaching.

Whitening Strips

Teeth Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are thinner plastic sheets coated with carbamide peroxide. These two strips are placed separately on upper teeth and the lower teeth. The major problem with these strips is the size, these are not custom shaped. These are drastically harmful towards gums. So, you must avoid them most of the time because the risk is larger than the cure. Let’s say that you won’t have any side effect using strips, still your whole teeth are not fully whitened because it covers only the straight portion and not the curves. These strips are easily available on drug stores but the risk of using them is so high. So these are not recommended by many experts.

Laser Lights

Laser lights are used by some professional dentists. They apply whitening gel on your teeth which contains carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Later, they enlighten your teeth with the ultra violet laser to speed up the whitening process. Some dentists say it speeds up the process and you don’t have to wait for an hour. One thing you should keep in your mind, laser light only speeds up the process and it does not magically do something extra i.e. you cannot have the shiny white teeth within few minutes. Even, if your dentist uses the laser light, you still need to go three to four times for this procedure because laser light just speeds up the whitening gel reaction. You can say laser light behaves only as a catalyst in the teeth whitening process. Moreover, laser light treatment is much costly than the ordinary whitening gel and strips.

So, these are all teeth whitening techniques and tools. Choosing the best among these is your own choice. It depends on your budget, your teeth condition and your living area. Most of the time, there are mere some external stains on the teeth due to smoke or some specific eatables. In this scenario, whitening toothpaste and electric toothbrush are enough because such stains are only placed on your external side of the teeth. If your enamel is being disturbed or damaged i.e. your dentin is becoming darker then you must visit to some professional dentists. They will check up your mouth condition. If tooth is filled before and the canal is dead then common whitening method would not work. Your dentist may suggest you some treatments regarding whitening strips, gels and laser treatment. Always ask the budget before going to do a proper whitening treatment because laser treatment is relatively costly procedure but it gives you the same amount of whitening shade. You can also buy some whitening strips from the drug stores but they need to deal with some extra care for the best results without any side effects. Remember! Always consult your preferred dentist and choose the best professional teeth whitening method according to your budget, time and teeth condition.

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