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The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Braces

Everyone wants to have a perfect smile. Only few have already a perfect smile. It is only possible if your teeth are perfectly aligned, others have to deal with some alignment solutions. Braces are the best solution for alignment of the teeth. In the past, there were only a metallic braces. The patient had to wear the metallic braces for many months to get the perfect alignment of the teeth. Now, there are many types of braces in the market. Most popular types of braces are metallic braces, ceramic braces and invisalign braces. Let’s elaborate all these types of braces. Then you can easily choose what types of braces are most common and convenient to you for teeth alignment.

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Traditional Braces (Metallic Braces)

Traditional braces

Ceramic braces are the recent revolution in the teeth alignment strategies. In the past, there were typical metal braces used for alignment of the teeth. Everyone wanted to have a perfect smile but the cost and ugly look of the metal braces were made it less popular among adults who could not find it comfortable in the social environment. Ceramic braces have dealt this awkward problem. Ceramic braces are just like the metallic braces but these are composed with a ceramic material and its brackets are also made of ceramic. These ceramic wire and ceramic brackets blend well with the color of teeth, so these ceramic braces are less noticeable than traditional metallic braces. Although, there are also some difficulties regarding ceramic braces. Followings are some popular pros and cons of ceramic braces. Take a look

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces pros and cons

Whenever a person refers to braces, traditionally, it refers with metallic braces. Metallic braces are very popular and well known among all types of braces. It consists of metallic wire and the brackets to make a wired mask. Each tooth is covered by a single metallic bracket. All the brackets are then linked up with a single metallic wire. The major problem with these braces is that, patient feels awkward to wear it all the time because of its ugly appearance. It seems as a metallic malfunction among the teeth. Further, it is a complex process. Patient does not find itself comfortable in brushing or flossing with the metallic braces.


  • Ceramic braces are made of ceramic material so they are less apparent. Further, there are also some frosted colored brackets which blend well with the teeth. So, ceramic braces are almost transparent.
  • Ceramic braces are more discrete than the traditional metallic braces
  • Ceramic braces are easily removable than metallic braces.
  • These are less irritating
  • These braces give you almost invisible brace treatment just like invisalign braces but these ceramic braces cost lesser than the invisalign braces.


  • Ceramic braces can be stained very quickly; it is the most noticeable drawback.
  • Patient needs to be extra vigilant about the diet because many liquids and eatables leave stains on the ceramic braces. These stains look like a plaque on teeth.
  • Ceramic braces are more porous so they can be affected by colored liquids like tea , liquor etc
  • These are more costly than the traditional metallic braces

Cost of ceramic braces:

As far as, cost of ceramic braces is concerned, they are definitely costly than the metallic braces because they need some ceramic material. Further, to make it transparent, there is a need of some frosted brackets which are blended with the teeth. So, cost of ceramic braces is relatively higher. On average, if traditional metal braces cost you (3000-7000) $, then cost of ceramic braces would be (4000-8000) $. Further, it depends on various factors like, area, treatment method, surgeon’s experience and the severity of the misalignments in your teeth. You can get discount if you have a dental insurance as many dental insurances cover the braces. Always ask your insurance company about the braces. Always ask your preferred dentists, if your dental insurance is valid or not. Then make a perfect decision before having braces. 

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces

Invisalign braces are way different than the traditional braces. In the traditional braces, a metallic wire connects the brackets among the teeth. Each tooth is covered by a bracket and all brackets are connected through wire. Invisalign braces are way different. Instead of different connecting brackets, invisalign braces are the custom sized transparent trays that are used to align the teeth. There are no complex metallic or ceramic brackets needed. It is just like a single mask that you need to wear. The custom size of these invisalign braces is changed by the time. Invisalign braces are quite popular in the young people; they find themselves comfortable and confident having the invisible braces rather than the metallic or ceramic braces.  You can easily remove them before cleaning the teeth. This computer generated invisible alignment braces work as a shield for your teeth. Further, the overall alignment process with invisalign braces is relatively shorter than the metallic braces but you need to show extra attention and commitment with this. Don’t feel temptation of removing it for a while, It can slower the progress.

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Nothing is perfect in this world; you have to consider different options before making a decision. If you are considering the alignment treatment to get a perfect smile then consult with your preferred expert dentist. If you want braces for your young child then always go for metallic braces because they fit well, they have firm grip. There is no need to take extra care about the cleaning of the metallic braces. If you are an adult, you feel some awkwardness to smile in public wearing metallic braces, then consult with your dentist and go for ceramic braces. Ceramic braces will give you extra confidence to smile because it is transparent. If little treatment is needed for your teeth’s alignment, you can also go for invisalign braces. They are custom sized transparent trays that are less annoying and disturbing. In less severe situations, they provide fast recovery. They take fewer months than the braces. They are easily removable before the cleaning and flossing of your teeth. So, always consider the best option for your teeth taking note of budget, severity condition of your teeth and the treatment process and pros and cons of the braces. 

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