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What Causes Craze Lines on Front Teeth?

Craze lines are the vertical lines that suddenly begin appear on your teeth in your middle age. Sometimes teenagers begin to notice these craze lines in front teeth. Many people begin to afraid after seeing it because they take craze lines in front teeth as a symptom of cracked teeth. Fortunately, it just seems but, it is not the case.

Many specialists suggest that these vertical lines in front teeth are due to excessive usage of the teeth; some people have a habit of grinding their teeth in sleep or biting their nails. Some people just think themselves superheroes; they try to use their teeth all the time. They try to open any hard knots or steel cans with their teeth.

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try to break and chew hard things teeth may cause craze lines

They try to deal all the dry fruits with their strong teeth. Such habits result in apparent vertical lines on teeth. Sometimes these are caused by trauma or sliding a hard material on your teeth. Many people are much cautious; they are always looking for a treatment and solutions for craze lines in front teeth. Please note down that these shadowed lines are not due to infection or illness. These cracks are just due to excessive usage of the teeth.

Many people go crazy after seeing such lines in front teeth and they keep on looking the solutions and suggestions. They are just curious to know about how to prevent from these disturbing lines. This extra attention is somewhat right if there are much visible lines on front teeth. They are obviously damaging your personality, smile and self confidence. You can’t smile fluently in public spaces due to these noticeable crack-looking lines.

Don’t worry! These lines just seem as the cracks in teeth but in reality these are just shadows looking like cracks. Your teeth are not supposed to be cracked unless these craze lines are much prominent because of extensive injury. In that case, there are chances of increasing bacteria in deep fractured lines. So, the best solution for craze lining is the prevention. Let’s look at some easy preventive measures to take, which assure you the safety from these crazed lines.

How to Prevent from These Crazed Lines?

Preventing from crazed lines

We already know that enamel, the outer part of our teeth, is the hardest part in our body. It works as a guard to shield the dentin and inner tissues of the teeth. You just have to take some extra care to prevent it from craze lines. Since, cracked lines are most likely to be caused by any external force and pressure on enamel. Just stay away from such pressure techniques. Don’t pull anything from your teeth. Don’t open steel cans from your mouth. If you are an athlete then please use a mouth-guard while playing.

Don’t bite your nails from your teeth. Brush your teeth on regular basis with fluoride toothpaste because sometimes these cracked lines in front teeth are caused by stains. You just have to be extra vigilant about your teeth so that you would not have to have craze lines treatment. However, with the older age, these preventions may not work for all people. Their teeth can still be preyed by these crazed lines due to extensive stress, trauma conditions, and bad habits of nail biting and grinding their teeth. There must be a solution for these cracked lines. Yes! There are some natural and cosmetic solutions to cope with the craze lines. Take a look : 

Solution for Craze Lines on Teeth

Craze lines are not a medical problem which occurs with hormonal changes or bacterial infection. So you don’t have to take medications and extensive surgical and cosmetic operations to have a perfect solution for these vertical lines on teeth. However you can try some natural precautions and there is a checklist that must be followed by those people who are keep asking that how to fix these vertical lines in teeth naturally : 

  1. First of all, if you are habitual of smoking and you are facing these vertical lines. Unfortunately, there is an urgent time to quit smoking. Cigarette and other narcotics have the higher amount of the dangerous compounds that eliminate the glow and charm from our teeth. They weaken our tooth enamel; our enamel is no more able to protect the bacterial infection. It is one of the best solution of how to fix vertical lines in teeth naturally.
  2. If you are looking for the natural solution for craze lines which gives you best answer of how to fix craze line naturally then you must stay away from the colored beverages like coffee, tea, soft drink. First of all, these items are too hot or too cold to handle by our old teeth. With the growing age, our teeth become sensitive to these items. So, if you are facing vertical lines on front tooth than you can’t afford such beverages in future because they will leave strong stains on your teeth.

These were two basic natural methods which give the best guide for those who are keep on asking that how to fix craze lines in teeth naturally because they don’t want to go for advanced medications and cosmetic operations.

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Now we are going to discuss some advanced cosmetic techniques to remove or hide the vertical lines. These techniques need some cosmetic methods so these are rightly supposed to be costly but these techniques work most of the time.


Teeth whitening

If your craze lines are due to some fracture or external pressure, then there is chance of little fracture in your teeth. Whenever there are any fractures in your teeth, stains are supposed to be stayed there. So, trying teeth whitening is the best option in this scenario.


Teeth bonding

Bonding refers to the blending of the fractures and crack-looking lines with the porcelain. It makes the crack-looking lines less prominent because of the blended colorization followed by bonding.


Dental veneer

Veneers can be the best solution for craze lines on teeth. Veneers provide an external artificial layer made of porcelain which hides any kind of prominent craze lines in front teeth. It is among the best ways to hide the craze lines because there is no permanent solution for craze lines.

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