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Best Treatment for a Cracked Tooth

Whenever you have a crack in your tooth, it should be treated as soon as possible. Best treatment depends on the nature of the crack. If you have a minor horizontal crack in tooth which causes no pain then you don’t need to worry about. Many old people have the weaker teeth, whenever they eat some hard food like ice or any kind of dry fruits, there is a chance of cracked front tooth.

Sometimes, due to accident, a person has a cracked front tooth. Front teeth are slightly weaker than the back teeth, whenever an athlete is hit by a ball or punch, the front tooth is most likely to be cracked. This cracked front tooth causes much disturbance to a person. It badly damages the smile; it causes much problem in eating or drinking. It is much needed to have the best possible treatment for a cracked front tooth. First of all we have to figure out cracked tooth symptoms so whenever we face similar symptoms after any mishap or accident, we can have best possible treatment as soon as possible.

Cracked Tooth Symptoms

cracked tooth sypthoms

Normally, our teeth are so strong that they don’t get cracked so easily unless an accident or mishap happens. With the older age, our teeth become weak, cracked tooth symptoms are likely to appear. Note down the important cracked tooth symptoms so that you can get quick treatment.

1. Sensitivity

If your tooth has become sensitive towards the cold or hot eatables, your tooth is somewhat cracked. Sometimes, you just feel much pain whenever you eat extra sugar items. This type of sensitivity also refers to cracked tooth symptoms.

2. Uneven Pain

You begin to feel uneven pain in your tooth. It is not a continuous pain but it remains there until you get proper checkup and treatment of a cracked tooth.

3. Gum Swelling

In many cases of cracked tooth, gum is reported to be swelled for some time. It is among major symptoms of horizontal crack in tooth.

4. Chewing difficulty

Some people just randomly begin to feel chewing difficulty. They feel pain when they chew the bread or any eatable. This is among strong cracked tooth symptoms.

5. Cavities

Normally, cavities are considered as some bacterial infection or severe hormonal problem. Cavities can also be formed by a cracked tooth because whenever there is a crack inside tooth due to some accident or a punch, the gum and the joint of the tooth are cracked. There is a chance of cavity.

If you are facing any of the above cracked tooth symptoms then you are having either horizontal crack in tooth or a cracked front tooth. You should consult with your dentist. Your dentist will examine the extent of the crack and suggest you best suitable treatment for your specific case. In some cases, you don’t have to have a treatment because the little crack does not cause much damage in your teeth but if there is any kind of treatment needed, consult with your dentist to have the best suitable and affordable treatment for cracked tooth. Following are the most prominent treatments for horizontal crack in tooth or front cracked tooth.


Teeth bonding

If you have the slightest version of the crack in your tooth then you are fortunate that you can get rid of this crack by just bonding. Bonding is a dental treatment in which dentist try to repair the skin of a cracked tooth with composite resin so that the crack is no longer apparent. It is like denting panting of the tooth. Wherever a crack, hide it through resin. Bonding has an exciting part; composite resin is made of the same color as your teeth so crack is no more visible. Bonding treatment takes one or two weeks. This treatment is much feasible and affordable for mild level of horizontal crack in tooth.


Dental crowns

Crowns, as the name suggests, are the wearable covers for the cracked front tooth. If your crack has not damaged the root then crowns are most suitable. If there is not much space for bonding with resin then crowns are there to be your life savior. Crowns are made of porcelain. Dentist takes a sample size of your cracked tooth and makes a custom crown for cracked front tooth. Crowns are reliable option because it is durable. You just have to visit few times to your dentist, when your perfect crown is made. You can wear it all the time.

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Dental veneer

Veneers are made of thin layer of porcelain which covers the front layer of the cracked front tooth. These cover work as a shield and shaded layer for the cracked teeth. Just like false nails, veneers can also be made in different shades to blend well with your teeth. If you have noticeable horizontal crack in tooth but the cracked gap does not allow you to have bonding treatment. You have to go for veneers. Your front cracked tooth will seem to be whole normal tooth whenever you will have a precise veneer.

Root Canal

Root canal is kind of same process as filling. If the horizontal crack in your tooth is so deep that it has damaged the dentin as well as enamel, you should have a treatment via root canal. Root canal treats the inflamed pulp. The after effects of root canal can easily be hidden through crowns.

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Cosmetic Contouring

In cosmetic contouring, your cracked edges are dealt with some reshaping and blending techniques so that the damage or crack is no more prominent.


Dental implant

Some people are so unfortunate; they get a massive crack after an accident. The crack damages the tooth as well as the gum. It is no more recoverable by the bonding or crowns. Patient has to go for the tooth implant. Tooth implant refers to remove the damaged or cracked front tooth. When the cracked tooth is removed, the empty space is then covered with an artificial implant; artificial implant is then covered by a crown which is blended well with your teeth. It is somewhat long and costly process.

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If all the above treatment methods are not viable; it means that there is no enough space or tooth leftover in an accident, you have to face the tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is the only option when your tooth structure, root and gum are much damaged. It is better to have tooth extraction to avoid any negative effects of the damaged gums.

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