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How To Stop Tooth Decay From Spreading?

Tooth decay is the broken enamel of your teeth. When a tooth is decayed, it is called decayed tooth. As we know, tooth enamel is the external harder layer of the tooth that prevents our tooth from bacteria and other acidic food. It prevents the inner layer which is also called dentin from any kind of harm. We have noticed most of the children have to face the decayed tooth. One of the major reasons is the high consumption of sugar which forms a sticky plaque on their teeth. Ultimately, that plaque form bacteria attack the tooth enamel.

That’s how we define the tooth decay beginning. Now many people have the questions about decayed tooth, some popular questions are like these: can tooth decay spread? How we can stop tooth decay from spreading? Some people ask us that: Is decayed tooth is eternal without any recovery chance? We are going to explain all these answers in this article. So, keep reading this detailed guide about from tooth decay beginning and how we can stop tooth malfunction from spreading.

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First of all, we need to learn about tooth malfunction causes. Later we’ll discuss about how tooth malfunction spread and can tooth decay spread from tooth to tooth? Its causes are simple. Anything disturbing to the tooth enamel causes the broken tooth. It can be any acidic food, plaque, bacteria or any hard hitting object that damages the upper hard layer of the tooth and exposes the dentin. When dentin is exposed, while it is much sensitive, the tooth can be disposed off with bacteria attack.

How Tooth Decay Spread?

Dental decay spread signs

The major cause of tooth malfunction is the plaque and major cause of plaque is the presence of bacteria. These bacteria can be transferred into the mouth via acidic food, less hygienic food, alcoholic foods and ignorance of oral hygiene. If one tooth is affected by the plaque, surrounding teeth can also be targeted by the plaque. In a same manner, these bacteria can be transferred from one person to another person by using the common utensils, extra sugared candies and the same water bottle. If someone is less responsible in brushing twice a day, then he has to face the decayed tooth.

Can Tooth Decay Spread From Tooth To Tooth?

Tooth decay from teeth to teeth

There are a lot of questions pop out in a person’s mind regarding decayed tooth. Many of them are just myths like decayed tooth is only for children or decayed tooth is only caused by the sugar or tooth erosion is the main reason of tooth cavity and the decayed tooth is irreversible. But the most important question is that can tooth decay spread from tooth to tooth? The Answer is YES! Tooth malfunction is caused by the interaction of sugar by the bacteria. Plaque is formed around the tooth and it causes the tooth erosion. If tooth erosion is not treated on time, then bacteria can also infect the surrounding tooth. That’s how tooth malfunction leads into tooth cavity. That’s why it is much important to have quick and urgent treatment of tooth decay beginning to stop tooth decay from spreading. Let’s talk about the treatments and some home remedies avoiding plaque and tooth decay.

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Tooth Decay Treatment

One of the best cures is to avoid the bacteria from spreading. To avoid from bacteria there are many home remedies and methods. You should take care of your oral hygiene, brush your teeth twice, floss your teeth regularly and use a dental rinse regularly to avoid any bacteria to cause the tooth malfuntion. Anyhow, if you still have to face to cavity caused by bacteria then treatment depends on your teeth condition. Following are some important tooth decay treatments which need to be known in case of any query.

Fluoride Pasting At The Tooth Decay Beginning

Paste fluoride on tooth decay

If it is just the tooth decay beginning, then you can simply use fluoride treatment to restrict the further loss. Sometimes fluoride coating reverses the tooth cavity and tooth erosion because fluoride has strong power to resist the bacteria production.

Crowns For Your Decayed Tooth

Dental crown for tooth decay

As we have mentioned above that weak enamel leads to exposed dentin. So, exposed dentin is much sensitive and it feels cold of hot when you have extra hot or an ice cream. There is a simple solution for it. There are some custom covers which are used as caps for the decayed teeth. Many people ask the common question, can tooth malfuntion spread or not? We certify that it may spread so, if there is only one decayed tooth, you should go for dental crown near you for that tooth so you can stop tooth decay from spreading.

Root Canal

Root canal treatment

If you don’t care of your tooth at tooth decay beginning then you cannot stop tooth decay from spreading and it will reach the root of your tooth. Then, only option would be the root canal. Root canal is the removing the whole decayed pulp from root and fill the gap with professional artificial filling. It is costly procedure. So, please take care of your teeth and have oral hygiene habits.

If you need root canal treatment in Columbia of Maryland, Baltimore, Ellicott City and around, then:

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction

These were all the symptoms, causes and treatment method of decayed tooth. You should not take it lightly at all. It is a beginning of the worst tooth diseases. So, always be aware of all the tooth decay causes and treatment methods.

When it become too late to treat the decayed tooth then tooth extraction becomes the only option. Otherwise that particular severely decayed tooth spreads the bacteria in whole mouth and there is a danger towards all surrounding teeth. Only tooth extraction is not a best treatment. Because tooth extraction means there will be whole gap after the tooth extraction. Your surrounding teeth may shift towards the gap and it may disturb your whole teeth alignment. So, whenever there is much need of extraction, please consider some tooth replacement to fill that gap. An artificial tooth or dental bride can professionally fill that gap.

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