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Everything About High Intense Tooth Diseases

Tooth disease is a major problem nowadays. In U.S, children are more affected by different types of teeth diseases. Many types of teeth diseases have a major impact on one’s life. Common dental problems affect the tissue of the teeth, they may weaken the root of your teeth and then bleeding may start from your gums. You can find all different types of teeth diseases with pictures on Google. Further you can also find teeth diseases with list. Dental problems picture clearly shows that how different types of teeth diseases affect your mouth, which result in bad breath from your mouth and bleeding from your gums.

Periodontal diseases often cause loss of gums and loosening of teeth. The most common dental problems having major impact on our health are: tooth decay, periodontal disease and oral cancer. We are going to describe all tooth diseases with list, so do read whole article.

Following are some popular teeth diseases with list to follow.

Tooth Bleeding Diseases

Bleeding tooth diseases

Bleeding from the gums is severe type of dental disease. Majority of the people is affected with this tooth bleeding disease. Continuous bleeding from gum causes serious issues; so, it is necessary to solve this common dental problem in time. Bleeding from gums is a type of dental disease and indicates different signs. Different things which cause bleeding are:

  • Brushing too hard
  • Blood thinners
  • Inflamed gums because of pregnancy
  • Dentures
  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Diabetes
  • Leukemia
  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Too little vitamin C and K
  • Scurvy

Tooth bleeding disease appears on top whenever you search about dental problems pictures. Let us categorize some common dental problems.

Tooth Gum Diseases

Gum diseases

This disease is also called gingivitis and periodontal disease, it usually occurs in an older age. Smoking, diabetes and dry mouth also increase the risk of gum diseases. Gum disease is also the main cause of Tooth loss among adults. Some advanced studies of gum diseases indicate that there is a strong link between heart diseases and gum diseases. These Tooth Infection Symptoms include sensitive teeth, bleeding from gums and bad breath.

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Gum Disease is relatively severe among different types of teeth diseases. This type of dental problem may also cause tooth loss in adults. This different type of teeth disease damages your teeth as well as gums. Bacteria in teeth also portrays many dental problems pictures, poor oral hygiene causes number of teeth diseases with list.


When your gum diseases are not cured in time, they become severe and they cause periodontitis. Adults face a problem of tooth loss in periodontitis. Its symptoms also include bleeding from gums, bad breath and abscesses.


Thrush is a kind of yeast like fungus around gums. When you have some kind of illness, in that situation, there are more chances of thrush. Thrush is in white in color.

Bad Breath / Halitosis:

About 85% people, who have some kind of dental problem, face bad breath. Gum diseases, cavities and dry mouth are some of the causes of bad breath.

Poor health leads to variety of mouth problems due to dangerous enzymes. So, you should take care of proper oral hygiene as well as complete physical care. Now there are many home remedies available which are helpful curing the gum diseases at home. Popular Gum Disease Treatment at Home remedies include:

  • Green tea
  • Warm salt water
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Baking soda diluted in water
  • Oil rinsing

Tooth Decay Diseases:

Dental decay

Tooth decay is called a broken tooth that is caused after hard hitting of something on teeth. There can be some external factors in it. For example, there may be some damaged area of your teeth surface, you can also see many tooth decay diseases, even you can find number of teeth diseases with pictures on Google such as: bacteria in your mouth, by sipping different sugar drink and taking no proper care of brushing your teeth properly. Tooth decay is also much visible and it can also be found on top in dental problems pictures.

Tooth Decay Diseases:

Tooth decay is also known as tooth cavity. When you eat food that contains starch or sugar, it combines with a plaque and then tooth decay occurs. Eating healthy food and avoid eating different kinds of snacks and cold drinks prevent tooth decay.

Chipped Tooth:

Eating hard food cause chipped tooth. Someone, who is habitual of eating and grinding hard food, such as nuts and ice cubes, has more chances of chipped tooth.

Tooth Cavity Diseases:

Dental cavity

Almost 1/4th of the population is affected with this tooth disease. You may feel a pain when you eat something hot or cold. Sometimes your food gets caught in your teeth. Cavities can be treated with fillings or root canals. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day can relieve the pain among cavities.

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Tooth cavity is a common dental problem. Tooth decay leads to tooth cavity. There are three major stages through which tooth cavity occurs:

  1. Plaque forms (sticky layer that covers your teeth): Plaque occurs, when you don’t brush your teeth properly, by eating sugar or starch food.
  2. Plaque attacks: The formation of plaque removes minerals from your teeth; as a result, your enamel is worn. Thus, bacteria move towards your next layer of teeth.
  3. Destruction continues: When tooth decay occurs, the bacteria moves throughout your mouth and thus causes destruction in your mouth. If it does not be treated well then tooth decay leads to tooth cavity.

Following are some famous tooth cavity diseases

Tooth Erosion:

Tooth erosion is basically the loss of tooth structure. Tooth erosion is very common to people. It may also happen by cracking hard food. Its symptoms start from sensitivity and ends at major teeth diseases.

Dental Emergency / Toothache:

Short-term toothache can be easily prevented by homemade remedies, but if you have long-term toothache then you must go to doctor. It may also happen due to tooth sensitivity and cracked teeth.

Tooth Enamel Diseases

Tooth enamel diseases

Tooth enamel is very important part of the teeth. It is the most upper layer of tooth, so it should be take well care of it. There occur some types of dental diseases regarding enamel which must be treated in time because once your tooth enamel is damaged; there are no chances of full recovery. The different signs of enamel teeth disease are white spots, pits and grooves on the outer surface of the teeth.
Hereditary syndrome can cause enamel hypoplasia. Few tooth enamel disease are listed below.

Stained Teeth:

Color teeth are stained teeth. Eating different kinds of foods like tobacco, alcohol and trauma are the things that change the color of your teeth. Whitening toothpaste and whitening rinse are popular solutions to sort out this kind of dental disease.

Unattractive Smile:

When you don’t brush your teeth twice a day, then there appears a yellowish layer on your teeth and, as a result, your smile becomes unattractive.

There is a strong connection between your oral hygiene and health. 

There are many other different types of dental diseases as well so we are giving you some more teeth diseases with list. Have a look

Mouth Sores / Cold Sores

Mouth sores

There are two types of mouth sore:

  • Canker sore (that occurs inside the mouth)
  • Fever blisters /cold sores (that occurs outside the mouth or around lips)

Wisdom Teeth Problem

Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth usually come between the age of 17 and 25. If your wisdom teeth come with impacted teeth, then you must visit your dentist to sort out this dental disease. Otherwise, it will hurt you off and on.

Sensitive Tooth

Sensitive teeth pain

Tooth sensitivity is a major problem that affects millions of people throughout the world. In this type of tooth disease, the effected person’s teeth become sensitive towards cold or hot. It may also happen by brushing your teeth too hardly.

Too many Teeth


Some people have too many teeth which is called hyperdontia. It is quite rare among different types of dental diseases.

Gap Between Teeth

Gaps between teeth

Teeth have a great bonding but when this bonding is disturbed, there becomes a gap between teeth causing different types of dental diseases. The large gap in your front teeth does not look good.

Impacted Tooth

Impacted tooth is a tooth that doesn’t comply with teeth structures i.e. tooth stuck to your bone, tissue and some other tooth.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is not among common dental problems but it is a very dangerous and serious disease. Oral cancer attacks those people who are above age 40. It occurs due to tobacco and the use of alcohol. The people, who are affected with oral cancer, feel difficulty in chewing food, moving tongue or jaw.

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