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Gum Disease Treatment at Home

Gum disease is concerned with the inflammation in the gums surrounding teeth. It has two phases. The initial phase is called gingivitis, which is about swelling of gums. Our mouth has huge amount of bacteria that keep infecting our mouth, if the teeth are not regularly cleaned then there is a huge possibility of gum infection caused by those bacteria. This gum infection causes the gum swelling due to which we suffer with pain and blood during teeth cleaning. If the proper action is not taken in the initial phase of the gum disease then our gums can face the next severe stage of the gum disease which is called periodontal disease.

In the periodontal disease, the gums surrounding the teeth are infected and gingivitis creates gaps in the mouth gums which loosen their grip over the respective tooth. Ultimately, we have to lose our tooth. So we try to cover all aspects of the gum disease like causes, symptoms and treatment, so you can easily do gum disease treatment at home. Read the full article to get the best help.

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Gum Disease Causes

Smoking causes gum recession

There are several gum disease causes. All of them are due to bacterial infection. The bacteria in our mouth are consistently producing the harmful material in the mouth which is washed by regular cleansing. However, if proper care is not taken then this harmful material sticks on our mouth gums and produces a plaque. Plaque is one of the primary causes of the gum disease. Further, there are more genuine causes that lead to the gum disease. According to Centre of Disease Control (CDC), some gum diseases are due to high rated illness. Some are listed below

  1. If teeth are not regularly brushed or flossed then the bacteria can easily produce the stubborn harmful tartar on our mouth gums which ultimately cause the gingivitis and periodontal disease.
  2. Some people are used to smoking or some other kind of drugs which ultimately reduce the strength of our immune system. When our immune system is weakened. There is much higher chance of the bacterial infection which causes the gum disease.
  3. In a same manner, when we face illness, our immune system is down. If a person is facing severe illness condition e.g. HIV or diabetes then he can be easily preyed by bacterial infection.
  4. Women face many hormonal changes during pregnancy and periods. In that time, bacteria are over active. So, women have to be extra vigilant about the cleansing and proper medical checkups.
  5. Our saliva restrains and continues to swipe the tartar, which is caused by bacteria, if our saliva production is reduced then there is a high chance of having gum infection.


gum disease symptoms

When the gum disease is in initial phase, you may face some light symptoms like bad breath or bad taste in the mouth, but when it goes in the second stage (periodontal), you may face bleeding and pain while brushing the teeth. You may notice the irregularity in your jaw. Your gum can have the white spots. Your teeth may be loosened or your mouth gums may begin to have some pockets which ultimately loosen the gum grip around tooth and that respective tooth is lost.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease treatment is not much difficult in normal circumstances. In most of the cases, gum disease treatment is done at home because the main goal of the gum disease treatment is to improve the oral hygiene habits. It depends on the condition and severity of the gum disease. If a person is facing the early stage of it, he can do proper treatment at home. For example, a person has diagnosed the gingivitis in his teeth. Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease in which a person feels some abnormalities and bleeding in his gums. So, he can take proper care of the mouth cleansing at home to get rid of any kind of gingivitis. But, if the gum disease is in the second stage, where a person is facing the periodontal disease, then he may consult with a dentist and ask for some recommendations. Below are some important treatment tips which can be followed at home to recover from the gum disease.

In a light scenario, when a patient is facing early stages of gum disease, some preventive and hygiene habits can cure the gingivitis. Some preventive cares are listed below :

  1. Do regular cleansing and flossing after every meal by dental rinse
  2. Avoid any harmful drugs or alcoholic habit
  3. Quit Smoking
  4. Avoid high sugar diet because diabetes causes the abnormal sugar ratio in our blood which leads to the weak immune system.
  5. Do consult with the professional dentist for a hygienic solution for cleansing
  6. Use the recommended mouth wash
cleaning mouth with salted water

However, if the gingivitis is not fully treated on time and the patient is now suffering with the periodontal disease, he must consult with the doctor or specialized dentist for the proper checkup. After the proper checkup, dentist may recommend any advance method or meditation on urgent basis. When the urgent severity is dealt then patient can continue the home remedy. Some important and beneficial home treatments are listed below : 

  1. There are several mouthwashes in the market. If your dentist has suggested you any mouthwash, do use it regularly. However, you can use Aloe Vera or salt water as a mouthwash.
  2. The gum inflation can be dealt by light amount of warm saltwater.
  3. There are some natural oils, which can be pulled on inflamed gums, for proper home treatment. Some popular oils are Coconut, Sesame, and Arimedadi oil.
  4. Green tea reduces the overall inflammation in the body.
  5. Some expert dentists recommend a liquid solution containing the Hydrogen Peroxide to reduce the acidity in the mouth. You can use that mouth wash solution after a recommendation by an expert.

If a patient is not recovering from all the above mentioned techniques then he must consult the doctor as soon as possible. Some advanced medication is required in this scenario. If you have such serious case then please consult the expert dentist he may ask you for an Antibiotic therapy. He may ask you some amount of Peridex which reduces the amount of mouth bacteria. Root planing and deep scaling are also some advanced techniques which can be used to reduce the severe gum pockets. If the person has some damaged gums due to intense drugs and alcohol then he has to deal with these advanced methods.

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