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10 Fun Facts About Implants That You Don’t Know

The dental implant is the latest technology to replace the missing tooth or decayed tooth with an artificial tooth. A dental implant is considered as a revolution in dentistry. They are the everlasting solution of the missing tooth or decayed tooth. It is not just about an advanced technique for replacing teeth, but there are many interesting facts related to dental implant.

If you think you know everything about dental implant, think again. We are going to let you know some interesting dental implant facts and figures. Get ready to know some dental implant facts which you don’t know yet. Moreover, we’ll try to cover all the dental implant fun facts as well. We believe that after reading this complete article, you’ll be well aware of all interesting facts, methods and benefits of having an implanted tooth.

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First of all, let’s cover some basic dental implant facts which distinguish this latest technique from older teeth replacement techniques. You may think of having other dentures, partial dentures of dental bridge options for missing teeth as they are relatively old methods and they should be taken as proven methods. However, this latest technology is a result of evolution of all those old solutions and their specific pros and cons. Here are some key points to be noted down.

  • This latest technique replaces artificial tooth from the original tooth root, hence it is linked directly to the jawbone.
  • It won’t affect the surrounding teeth.
The Mayans had dental implants
  • Implanted teeth have a very old history since 600 AD. The Mayans were the first few people who actually tried to replace a tooth with a shell by hammering. Thankfully, they soon realized that it won’t work because it was much risky approach with a hammer.
  • It provides the solid solution of replacing teeth for long lasting for almost 20 years.
  • It is probably the only technique which is equally effective for single tooth or all teeth.
  • Implants are considered as anchor points if there is any need of dental bridge in future if several teeth are missing.

Dental Implant Fun Facts

1) As Strong as Spaceship

The foremost dental implant fun fact is that they are considered to be as strong as the spaceship because spaceship and dental implant both are made by titanium. That’s why they don’t lose their shape and they don’t change the face’s shape or jaw position.

2) No Age Restriction

Another important fact among the dental implant facts and figures shows that there are no age restrictions for this special treatment. It is the real strength. It is due to the safe nature of the treatment. Even any teenage with just a single missing tooth can also go for this treatment and an old man of 80 years having no teeth can also go for this treatment as well.

Dental implants cartoon

3) Famous Treatment Nowadays

Dental implants facts and figures show that dental implant is the most used treatment nowadays. You can say that it is trending. American Academy of Implant Dentistry suggests that 3 million U.S. residents have the implanted teeth and 0.5 million people opt to have the dental implant every year.

4) Most Successful Treatment

Dental implant facts and figures state that it has a most successful rate. More than 95% of the implants has been successful. Nowadays dentists and experts are working to increase this rate using advanced technology. They are working to produce better safety manuals for patients, so they can take better dental implant aftercare.

5) Most Patients Are Middle Aged Persons

More than 65 percent of the implanted teeth inquires are having middle aged persons in the list.
Dental implant facts and figures shows that the average age of patients is between 35 to 45. It is an average age. Otherwise teenagers can also have the dental implants.

6) Cavity Free Treatment

All of the previous technologies like dentures, bridges and partial dentures were efficient for some time and tended towards cavities.The dental implant is the only treatment which is safe from the cavities. Because it is made from hard metallic material from the root to the anchor point. You still need to take care of hygiene of the implanted tooth so it won’t get rusty. Otherwise surrounding teeth may get infected by rust.

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Implant vs dentures

7) Long Lasting Impact

It is probably the only solution that lasts for years. All other solutions for missing teeth were temporary and needed proper maintenance or repair off and on. It is one time life saving hack.

8) Full Bite Strength

Dental implants are probably the only treatment that gives the most natural looking teeth. Further, it gives the full bite strength to teeth because it won’t get affected by the surrounding teeth. Moreover, the teeth are tightly fitted to the root of gum so they won’t get loose on biting hard. One of the interesting dental implant fun facts is that implanted teeth have almost 40 percent more chewing abilities than normal dentures. You can eat whatever you want, even some of the dry fruits as well.

9) New Roots Osseointegration

One of the most useful dental implant facts is that, you can plant new roots in your jaw with a sub process called osseointegration in a dental implant surgery. The implanting material fuses with your bone that strengthens your teeth.

10) Bone Growth

One of the craziest dental implant facts is the growing and stimulating the strength of bone. Studies show that dental implants preserve and stimulate the bone material in real. That’s why it provides the most strong jaw and biting power with least side effects which are neglect able.

Despite all these interesting stats there is an alarming stat that each fourth older person has lost all its teeth. Moreover, 69 out of 100 young Americans has lost at least single tooth. They need to have the implanted teeth since it is the safest treatment for lost teeth. Although there are some dental implant pros and cons, but it is the most safe method as we can rate its safety after checking its layered method.


Now you should know all the interesting facts, history and the proper method of implanting teeth. If you have lost your teeth somehow and you want the best possible long term solution then there is not anything but having an implanted tooth. However, it is not necessary to always go for it. There are some other factors as well to be considered before going to any dentist. Your budget, your gum condition, your health and the experience of your preferred dentist should decide that what treatment should be done for the lost teeth. Always consider meeting with a specialized surgeon or dentist before going for any conclusion.

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The proper technique for an implanted tooth consists of three parts.The first part is generating a base of the teeth. It is implanting the titanium with the jawbone. Second part is attaching the abutment on top of the missing tooth place. This abutment is worked as anchor points for the teeth placements. The third part is attaching the teeth on the abutments wrapped in crowns. These teeth crowns are made as the prosthetic mold to give the natural teeth appearance matching with other teeth as well.

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