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Dental Implants vs Dentures (Pros & Cons of Each)

You'll Learn about the Pros and Cons of Dentures and Dental Implants in this Post

Dentures vs implants is the most discussed topic whenever someone needs to replace the missing teeth. There are many dentures prosthesis to cover the missing teeth like crowns, bridges and dental implant, but every one of the dentures prosthesis has its own pros of dentures and cons of dentures as well. In a same manner, there are some certain dental implant pros and cons. Dental implant also deals with the fitting an artificial tooth into the gum. So, these are also fake implant prosthesis.

Hence, due to the usage of these implant prosthesis, there are also some certain implant pros and cons as well. Many people suggest having a dental implant by describing just the pros of implant ignoring the cons of implant. You should know all the cons of implant as well. We’ll help you to differentiate between dental implants and the dentures in a detailed manner, so you can easily know all the tooth implant cons and pros as well. Go through this detailed guide and then you’ll be in a better position to make the best choice among them for your specific need.

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To conclude the dentures vs implants, we’ll have to get to know both in detail. Then we’ll be able to know which is best for us in whichever case. First of all, let’s discuss about the dentures. Dentures are the artificial teeth to wear for those old persons who have lost their teeth. These are also available as partial dentures for some of the missing teeth. Since, these are artificial teeth with artificial dentures prosthesis; they are not much reliable option. They may get slip often while talking or eating. There are some other permanent dentures which are made by acrylic resin who are made much rigid. They work as permanent dentures. They also have their own dentures pros and cons. Let’s discuss pros and cons of removable dentures.

Pros and Cons of Removable Dentures

Different types of removable dentures

Let’s discuss dentures pros and cons. Firstly, have a look at pros of dentures which are removable.

  • They are relatively much affordable as compared to the permanent dentures and dental implants.
  • They are easy to maintain in good shape because they can be cleaned after removal.
  • They can be removed in night so they don’t stretch the mouth overnight.
  • You can simple use their default color in low price as well because you just have to wear them in emergency and then you can just remove them after eating.

Now there are following cons of dentures which are removable.

  • They are less likely to be hygiene each time because you become habitual of wearing them off.
  • They are not much rigid, so they slip while talking or eating.
  • They are only available for those people who need full dentures. They are not applicable to those who need partial dentures.

Pros and Cons of Permanent Dentures

Fixed and permanent denture

Just as the removable dentures pros and cons, there are also some pros of dentures which are permanent and there are some cons of dentures as well. Let’s see the pros of denture prosthesis.

  • They are much rigid as compared to the removable dentures.
  • They provide solid grip in chewing items.
  • They won’t slip while talking in public, so they won’t let you feel ashamed.
  • They are less likely to be lost because they are constantly fixed in mouth.
  • They are considered more hygienic because they are not removed off and on.
  • They are available for partial dentures as well.

Now let’s look at cons of the permanent dentures.

  • They are relatively costly than the removable dentures.
  • They get loose quickly because of constant changing of our jaw’s position.
  • Their color needs to be matched with the remaining original teeth, so you have to bear extra expenses as well.
  • They are tightened by metallic material which is not comfortable and it can also produce infection in some decayed portion.
  • You need to take extra care of their hygiene.
  • You need to replace or repair the dentures adhesives and other dentures materials after each span of 4 weeks.

Dentures were cheaper teeth replacement option but it was not much reliable. Therefore, dentists invented another artificial replacement option known as dental implant. Implant prosthesis is about fitting an artificial tooth in an artificial shell so the replaced teeth won’t move from its position. However, nothing is perfect in this universe. There are also some implant pros and cons as well. People used to prefer dental implants over dentures but slightly they began to know all dental implant pros and cons and then they realized that no one is a certain winner when we discuss dentures vs implants, because both dentures and implants had their own significance for some specific reasons. We have read all about dentures prosthesis. Now it’s time to have a look over implant prosthesis and dental implant pros and cons to get the final results.

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Dental Implant Pros and Cons

Dental implant

Implant prosthesis are the actual replacement of the missing teeth. Let’s look at the pros of dental implant.

  • Dental implants are more secured, more stable and long lasting solution for decayed teeth.
  • They don’t require special treatment and replacement after some weeks.
  • They appear as natural teeth because they are rigidly fixed and they don’t change their position often.
  • Dental implant can be done for just a single missing tooth too. When a tooth is replaced with implant prosthesis, it lasts for 10 to 15 years.

Before jumping in to conclusion in dentures vs implants, let’s look at cons of implant as well.

  • Higher cost appears on top while discussing tooth implant cons. Dental implants are much costly solution to the missing teeth. On average it costs 4 to 10 times of the cost of dentures. Try to know all about dental implant cost before going for it.
  • You need to cut off some of your specific eating routine because implant prosthesis does require much hygienic routine. You just can’t wear the dentures anymore and eat.
  • Dental implant brings complete overhaul of the routine with itself. There is proper dental implant aftercare needed to avoid any tooth infection.
  • Since it is much costly option, many insurance companies don’t cover the dental implant. You should get to know first from your insurance company about it. Otherwise, go for dentures.
  • Dental implant won’t give you the best color match with the remaining teeth while dentures are customized options.

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So after getting all the details, you can see that none of the dentures vs implant is each time favorite for each person. They both have their certain pros and cons and they both have certain pre requirements. Some people having very toxic or decayed teeth cannot go for dental implant because their infected gum cannot bear the dental implant surgery. On the other side, if a person is missing only one tooth, he can’t wear the dentures for just one single tooth. He prefers the dental implant for the long lasting solution. So, always consider your teeth sensitivity, teeth and gum condition, pros and cons of implants, and pros and cons of dentures before going for a particular one. Always consider a specialist in this field to get expert advice.

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