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Tooth Decay: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Teeth are the best gift of God, but if we don’t care about this gift, we may face many teeth diseases like tooth decay, tooth erosion and tooth sensitivity. Teeth contain large amount of calcium, but when we use more sugar and carbonated drinks, these drinks become the cause of the destruction of the teeth. Decayed tooth is the destruction of tooth structure and it can affect both the enamel (the outer coating of the tooth) and the dentin (inner layer of the tooth).

Tooth erosion is also a type of tooth disease. Tooth erosion is a very common disease. It occurs almost in every 7 persons out of 10. Decayed tooth has many symptoms to get recognized. We will discuss all symptoms below. Every one of the diseases like decayed tooth, tooth erosion, and tooth sensitivity has a specific treatment. That’s why we have made this detailed guide about everything including tooth decay pain, tooth decay causes and tooth decay treatment.

Before any description, let’s look at this fantastic video which is prepared and shared by Free Medical Education about tooth decay causes : 

What causes tooth decay?

Now let’s start to get knowledge about tooth decay symptoms. First of all, we should learn how these diseases happen in our teeth. When we use a lot of sugar, most acidic things and carbonated drinks Etc. Tooth plaque begin to occur when acid increases in our stomach, large amount of acid interacts with the bacteria causing plaque on our teeth. Then it begins to remove the enamel of our teeth, when our tooth enamel is removed and dentin is exposed. It creates more problems with our teeth such as dental caries, gum disease and dental abscess.

The tooth cavity is also caused by the decayed tooth. When the tooth cavity occurs, it creates a hole in the teeth. After that, it creates the toot sensitivity. When a person eats or drinks cool or hot, it begins with pain or difficulty due to sensitivity of the teeth. Teeth sensitivity generated spontaneous pain in your teeth, even if you are eating a portion of soft food like bread. You can spot the tooth decay symptoms by observing gray, light brown or black spots on your teeth. You’ll feel a bad smell in your mouth when you have decayed tooth.

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Tooth Decay Causes

After describing the tooth decay symptoms, let’s discuss about the tooth decay causes. When you eat food in the wrong way like: you have a habit of overeating and you don’t create the balance between protein, vitamins and acidic foods, it creates many diseases in your teeth including tooth malfunction and tooth erosion.

When you eat food with carbohydrates like bread, cereal, soda, milk, bread, fruit, cake or candy and you don’t wash your mouth, small piece of these things stay on your teeth. That piece turns into acid and harmful bacteria, which are taking part in your saliva. An acidic saliva is one of most effective tooth decay causes. Most of the people think tooth decay pain only attacks the children because they have to go through many famous tooth decay causes, i.e. they eat more sugar, candies and a lot of sweets but they are wrong. It can also be happened with younger men too.

When a young man doesn’t care about himself like he doesn’t brush his teeth after taking dinner or eating a portion of food, he can also become a victim of bacteria and he can also face the tooth malfunction and tooth erosion. When a person passes by his older age like his 60s or 70s, his enamel is already being dead and now he has also faced many problems of the teeth.

Tooth Decay Pain

A painful decayed tooth

Everyone is at risk of tooth decay pain. The factors of these diseases are much sugary or acidic foods and having poor and low oral hygiene routine i.e. failing to brush or floss daily, not getting enough fluorine items. According to many dental experts, erosion and tooth malfunction are some of the most common health problems in the world. Anyone with teeth can develop cavities, plaque on teeth.

Because everyone has bacteria in his mouth. These bacteria react with sugar and turn them into harmful acid, which is dangerous for the strong enamel. Plaque sticks to your teeth and the acid in plaque can slowly erode tooth enamel. Enamel is a hard, protective coating on your teeth that protects against decayed tooth. As your tooth enamel weakens, the risk of tooth decay symptoms increases. This is why regular brushing, flossing and swishing mouthwash is important.

Tooth Decay Treatment

Tooth decay filling treatment

Now moving to tell you how to save yourself and your family from this type of disease. There are a lot of tips for tooth decay treatment like before going to sleep, wash your mouth and do regular brushing and flossing in your mouth. Use a good toothpaste, always try to drink hot water because it cleans your mouth and removes bacteria from your teeth and it is also good for the stomach.

If your stomach is working fine then you never face any kind of extensive tooth decay treatment. Visit your dental expert and do regular checkups that can identify cavities and other dental issues. If you don’t have enough money to visit any dentist you can start the tooth decay treatment from your home.

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Let’s know some basic teeth care hacks that can give long life to your teeth. First of all, try to eat organic food. Always try to eat homemade food because it has more protein and vitamins in it. Try to eat less sugar and sweets. If you ever feel tooth decay pain then take medicine and do regular brushing in your teeth. Even if you feel pain during brushing, you have to clean via mouthwash. If you let the bacteria live in your mouth, then bacteria will damage your teeth enamel. During that time, try to have soft food that can help to relax the teeth. Must call to a good dentist for tooth decay treatment.

Brushing teeth regularly

In the fight against cavities, use the best toothpaste with fluoride and natural roots. Enamel can repair itself by using minerals from saliva and fluoride from toothpaste or other sources. An anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste and right toothbrush are powerful tools for getting the most out of your routine. Make your daily routine to take care of yourself. A few and simple oral hygiene hacks can give you good health. They also save many of your amount from giving to the dentist. Always monitor your goods that, what are you eating. Is that food is best for your health or not? If it is not good, then change it.

Try to eat more fruits and vegetables inside of sugar because vegetables will add more calcium and reduce the saliva. Try to drink pure water, if HP of water is low or high it also disturbs your stomach and then stomach produce more acid in your saliva that will give you more tooth decay pain, tooth erosion or halitosis (bad breath). Eat more vitamins C and D, they will give good health of your teeth. Each time when you eat something it tells you the benefits of your health, be careful with your diet and daily food.

Do floss regularly because flossing prevents tooth pain, by removing food particles and plaque build-up. It’s an important part of your oral hygiene routine and it should be done at least once a day or must be done before going to bed. When you go to sleep, the particles of food convert into bacteria and create acid in your saliva that will affect your teeth. All these are the best tips for you if you follow all these then you’ll never face any kind of teeth problem. If you face any of the tooth infection symptoms or you are facing halitosis due to an acidic saliva then you must get to know Home Remedies for Halitosis.

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