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18 Remedies for Bad Breath and Halitosis

Halitosis treatment is not much difficult especially when you get to know the exact cause of the halitosis. Halitosis, also known as bad breath, is a common disease in the youngsters. There are many causes. Bad routine of brushing and flossing, drinking alcoholic products, smoking, severe illness, high depression and eating high odorous foods can cause bacteria to grow quickly in our mouth. These bacteria can cause the infection and plaque in our mouth which causes bad breath or halitosis. Once the actual reason of the halitosis is found, halitosis treatment is no longer difficult. If you ever feel a bad breath in your mouth, consult with your nearest dentist as soon as possible for the halitosis treatment. There are several treatments, suggestions and halitosis home remedies for bad breath. We’ll discuss all in this article.

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Whenever you consult your preferred dentists, they suggest you some antibacterial rinses and some basic techniques to avoid the bacterial growth and bacterial infection in your mouth.
Following are some top suggestions and techniques by many dentists to have quick halitosis treatment. Some are suggested by doctors, dentists. Some can easily be used after suggestion of some specialist. Others are popular home remedies. Let’s break down top 18 remedies for bad breath and halitosis : 

1. Follow oral hygiene routine

your daily oral hygiene routine

Halitosis is mostly caused by the bad hygiene habits. Most people, who face halitosis, don’t brush their teeth regularly. They don’t floss their teeth off and on. They don’t use any mouthwash rinses to avoid any bacterial growth in mouth. So, start a perfect oral hygiene routine is most important to avoid the halitosis.

2. Have regular dental checkups

Regular dental checkup

To get a perfect solution for your halitosis, you must have to have regular dental checkups with your family dentist. Dentists check your breath ratio and its odor and judge the exact reason of your halitosis and suggest you some medicines, mouthwashes or rinse for halitosis treatment.

3. Quit Smoking and other narcotics

quit smoking

If you are a patient of halitosis then you must quit any kind of narcotics and alcoholic habits. Alcohol and smoking weakens our gums, dry our mouth and reduce saliva movement in our mouth. Therefore, chances of bacterial growth increase day by day.

4. Drink excess of water

drink water

Water is a blessing. Halitosis or bad breath can be caused by dry stomach or a heat in a stomach. Water can be a best solution to cope with stomach issues. Further, if there are any acidic infection in your mouth due to excess usage of alcohol or high acidic foods, water can easily neutralize their effects and your halitosis can be treated in less time.

5. Use Fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride Toothpaste

Try to use toothpaste having much amount of Fluoride. Fluoride gives our mouth gums the strength and immunity to cope with the bacterial infection.

6. Brushing tongue

brushing tongue

Normally people just brush their teeth and don’t brush on tongue. Many bacteria live on our tongue too. If you don’t regularly brush your tongue, bacteria can form a white or yellow plaque on our tongue which can cause halitosis. Try to use a brush with built-in tongue scrapper, if it is not available to you then please brush your tongue whenever you brush your teeth.

There are some natural remedies for bad breath. You must have to know some of the popular natural remedies for bad breath. Some popular natural remedies for bad breath are listed below.

7. Zinc Mouth Wash

Zinc mouthwash

Use Zinc mouthwashes, Zinc ions have the capability to neutralize the different bacterial compounds. Zinc mouthwashes are easily available at registered drugstores.

8. Herbal diet

chew mint and herbal

Chew mint, rosemary and different herbs. They have great tendency to refresh your mouth breath.

9. Use healthy natural diet like vegetables

In many cases, halitosis is caused by heat in stomach. So choose a perfect diet that resist the heat in stomach and improve the breath. Stop using alcohol, spicy and fried foods. Use green vegetables, apples and carrots.

10. Take care of mouth moisture

We know, halitosis can be caused by the dry mouth. So keep your mouth moisturized so that food particles and different bacteria go away from mouth with the moisture. Drinking lot of water and tea can be handy in such case. Tea has special polyphenoles compounds that reduce the bacterial growth.

Further, there are also some halitosis home remedies that have high impact curing the halitosis. Let’s look at some popular halitosis home remedies that you must give a try to avoid halitosis.

11. Avoid concentrated Drinks

stop drinking coffee, alcohol and black tea

Exclude coffee, alcohol and black tea from your diet as these cause dryness in your mouth which reduce the saliva transportation.

12. New Toothbrush

used old vs new toothbrush

Change your toothbrush after regular interval of 2-3months. If you get illness, try to renew your toothbrush after the illness. Arrange a special toothbrush having specific shape to clean out whole mouth well, brush twice and do flossing after each meal.

13. Take care of dentures

If you are wearing dentures, try to remove them during night sleep. Keep them clean.

14. Warm Salt Water

One of the most popular halitosis home remedies is the warm salt water. It is very old and famous home remedy which works all the time.

15. Green Tea

drink green tea

One of the popular antibacterial home remedies is the green tea. Try to drink 3 cups a day whenever you face some bacterial infection like halitosis.

16. Lemon Juice

fresh lemon juice

Lemon juice has the citric acid which stimulates the excessive saliva production. Saliva is very important for our mouth. Citric acid in the lemon juice or orange juice has the capability to fight against the bad breath. It is also easily available in the house.

17. Baking Soda

baking soda

Baking soda is among famous halitosis home remedies. It is used in warm water and then it is used as a mouthwash. Patient swishes it into mouth and all the alcoholic and acidic residues are washed.

18. Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

One popular mouthwash for bad breath is the Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse. It is diluted version of Hydrogen Peroxide, contains only 3% of the Hydrogen peroxide in the water. You should wash your mouth with this mouthwash after every meal.

We have listed all the common remedies for bad breath and halitosis. Do consult with your family dentist before trying them.

Elegant Dent Care Team

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