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What Are Different Types Of Dentures (Photos & Costs)

You'll Learn about Different Types of Dentures and Their Costs in this Post

Dentures are the fake teeth replacements to give a normal routine to a toothless person. Either it is a single tooth replacement, multiple joint teeth replacement or full jaw teeth replacement. Dentures have many customizable options. There are many the dentures in the market nowadays. They can be classified based on the types of dentures materials, the different types of dentures and costs and all the types of dentures and partials. We’ll discuss every kind of dentures in detail and what are their specifications and costs. So take notes on each kind of dentures, their specific usage time and their relative costs to find the most suitable option for your replaced teeth.

There are mainly two categories in which all the types of dentures lie. One is complete dentures and the other one is partial dentures. They are further classified according to their materials and their specific needs. First of all you need to understand an introduction to dentures. After reading the details about dentures, you can easily understand the types of dentures and partials and their relative material as well. Most famous denture materials are as follows:

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Types of Dentures Materials

Dentures consist of the base and the teeth. There are some specific types of dentures materials which are used to generate the base on which artificial teeth are embedded. The earliest dentures material which is required in designing baseline or skeleton is made from acrylic resin or nylon polymer. In some other cases, it is made from chrome cobalt metal. Then there are some other materials which are used to design artificial teeth on the base. Majorly there are three most used dentures materials.

Acrylic Resin Material:

Acrylic Resin Dentures

Acrylic resin is a rigid material and much popular dentures material for all the types of dentures and partials especially for the base gum. It gives natural pinkish tone for the base gum. Further, when it is used in partial dentures, it can also be colored for the artificial teeth to match with the rest of the teeth. It is captured by metal clasps from surroundings to provide grip around the natural teeth.

Cobalt Metal:

Cobalt Dentures

When any partial dentures are made by metallic base, this metallic base is made by the cobalt and chromic alloy. The gums are made from pink acrylic resin and the artificial teeth are colored resin. There are some prominent advantages of this metallic denture as they are strong due to metal and they provide greater support to all teeth.

Flexible Plastic Partial Dentures:

Flexible Plastic Partial Dentures

Another important material, which is used among all the types of dentures, is flexible partial denture. It is made from versatile plastic, it is much customizable and it is almost invisible. There are some extra certain benefits of the plastic partial dentures among the different types of dentures. They can be made quickly. No extra adhesive material is required to keep them in shape. They are flexible and more durable and unlikely to break. They are also more compatible and they won’t create trouble while speaking due to their comfort.

After knowing all the different types of dentures material, let’s discuss all about all the types of dentures and costs.

Types of Dentures and Costs

Denture Price and Cost

There are a vast variety of dentures in the market, according to specific needs and budget. Dentures are the replacement of the natural teeth. So if a person needs to replace just one tooth or just few teeth, he has to wear specific type of denture. If a person has lost all teeth, he has to wear another type of dentures. Let’s discuss all the types of dentures and partials plus their costs as well.

Complete Dentures

Dentures are commonly known by the complete dentures. They are also called traditional or basic dentures as well. If an old person has lost all of its teeth then complete dentures are the best solution to provide the stability and comfort for speaking and eating. An artificial gum plate is designed from pink acrylic material and then artificial teeth are placed onto it. This plate is usually large enough and it is not much visible while smiling. It remains in shape for 4 to 5 years. Its cost starts from 1000$ for few teeth and it goes far till 8000$ having complete dentures and specific customized denture having favorite material.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are having replaced teeth in some specific area or some partial jawbone. The basic material is again acrylic resin and nylon fibers to give rigid shape and specific color to match with the rest of the teeth and gum color. But these are not much stronger than metal material. Partial dentures starts from 300$ for few teeth and then it ranges towards the 8000$ for full dentures as well.

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures must be discussed while discussing the different types of dentures and costs. They are called flexible because they are not made from rigid acrylic material and they are more flexible. They provide lesser difficulty while wearing and speaking. They are certain benefits like they are extremely durable having no metal clasps. There is no adhesive material required to keep them in shape. They are thin and light weighted. However, they are more costly than traditional acrylic dentures. Further, they only cover the partial dentures need. Their charges starts from 700$ and ranges to 3000$ for half number of the teeth.

Implant Supported Dentures

Dental Implants Photo

As you know, whenever we need to deal with a cracked tooth, the best treatment for cracked tooth is referred as dental implant. Dental implant is called the replacement of new tooth with the cracked tooth. It is often done for single cracked tooth but we can also use same principle for complete dentures. Metal screws are inserted into the jawbone and then artificial tooth clown for single tooth, bridge for multiple teeth and complete denture for all teeth is fixed with the implant. Then it becomes the most feasible and most customized solution for the long lasting dentures. The average life of implant dentures are almost 10 years. The other benefits of implant supported dentures are they are more hygienic, and more secured. They won’t create any friction with the gum and allow normal eating lifestyle giving natural look. However, they are the most costly option among all the types of dentures and partials. On average, 6000$ is the starting cost of dental implant supported complete dentures for all teeth. If specific favorite materials and favorite system is used then it goes till 30000$ for complete jaw.

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After reading all about dentures, types and their relative cost, you should have all the knowledge about the replacement options for the cracked tooth and dentures. You should consider your budget, requirement and the life time of the dentures before choosing any specific denture option. Apparently, flexible dentures seems the best option for the partial dentures providing smooth life routine but they are costly, same goes with implant supported dentures are the most costly and most strong option for the full dentures. Although, there is a difference between dentures and implants but their main principle is almost same of digging the artificial teeth as a replacement of natural teeth.

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