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Invisalign Cost: Here Is What You Need to Know (Updated 2019)

Invisalign cost ranges between 2000$ to 5000$. This Invisalign price is slightly higher than the regular braces because it is latest technology and works better than normal braces. The Invisalign average cost depends on the many factors like the number of required aligners, your teeth condition, your specific area, the experience of your dentist and number of your visits to the dental clinic. However, if you are looking for Invisalign cost for top teeth only, then it would cost you from 1500$ to 3500$.

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Many dental companies are now offering dental insurance in which you can also compensate for Invisalign braces. Invisalign cost with insurance is much affordable than normal cost. You should definitely ask your dentist about possible dental insurance before treatment, even if you have to bear the Invisalign cost for top teeth only. We are going to mention every possible detail regarding Invisalign price. First of all you need to compare it with normal braces, so you can decide whether it is right time to go for Invisalign braces or keep the normal braces.

Do Invisalign Cost More Than Braces?

Invisalign vs braces

It is very common inquiry about the Invisalign. Yes, it cost more than normal braces. The Invisalign average cost ranges between 3000$ to 8000$. It is an expensive treatment than normal metallic braces ,but it has some other advantages too. When you are having traditional braces, you have to go dental clinic each week for a dental checkup and you have to bear the extra cost of tightening the wire and changing the braces off and on. It is much hectic, on the other hand, when you are having a proper Invisalign tray, you just have to change the tray after two weeks. So, it is a much feasible option.

There are many prominent elements making the Invisalign treatment much popular despite of being a costlier treatment than normal braces. You should take note of all, so you can understand why it is costly treatment.

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  • First of all, it is almost Invisible, people won’t notice it much because it is well blended with the color of teeth.
  • It won’t require as much care as the normal braces demand. It can be easily cleaned because it is a proper wearing tray all the time. In normal braces treatment, braces are fixed to the tooth with a metal wire, they are hard to be removed and cleaned. Invisalign is easy to remove and clean. You can remove them before sleep.
  • Normal braces consist of the several brackets connected with each separate tooth. Sometimes, some brackets get hurt and damage and they need to be repaired. Invisalign tray does not give you such tension.
  • If you are having wrong alignment in just your upper teeth, you should know the Invisalign cost for top teeth only before going into the Invisalign Vs Braces debate.

How Much Invisalign Cost With Insurance?

Dental insurance form

Invisalign cost with insurance is slightly lower than the Invisalign average cost. It depends on your preferred dental insurance plan and your teeth condition . Many companies in USA are covering Invisalign in their dental insurance plans and others don’t cover Invisalign price in their dental insurance plans. But you should always ask before treatment, may be they are willing to cover the Invisalign cost for top teeth only.You have to know the all possible dental insurance companies and their plans to know whether they are helping in reducing the Invisalign average cost or not. Following are some popular options to choose from.

  1. Indemnity
  2. Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)
  3. Preferred provider


Indemnity Plan refers to a procedure in which you are supposed to have a dental checkup or treatment from wherever you want and after the treatment, you get a receipt. The insurance company will pay you back some percentage of the paid bill. Sometimes it is quite useful because you can have an urgent treatment like tooth sensitivity treatment or severe toothache without any formal procedures between the insurance companies and the dentists.

Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO):

DHMO is quite more understandable than indemnity because it covers the daily routine checkups as well as major treatment like dental implant at a predictable cost. In this plan, insurance carrier knows well that how much cost will be covered through his insurance plan and what out of pocket cost need to be paid. So, it is quite easy and understanding.

Preferred Provider:

There is a broad network of registered dentists that cooperates with the insurance company to make a preferred provider network. A patient, who is having an insurance policy, can easily choose his own favorite and trustable dentist (among the registered dentists) to have a basic checkup, proper X-Ray checkup or expensive treatment. However, there is still a limit to be claimed, but out of pocket cost will also be discounted through preferred dentist. There is also a special offer in this policy which allows you to choose your nearby and most favorite dentist; who is even not registered in the preferred network. Obviously, you have to pay some extra money because the dentist is not in the registered preferred network.

There are some restrictions, only some defined treatments and checkups are eligible for dental insurance claim. So, if you are looking to reduce to Invisalign cost with insurance or you are looking to have compensation on your dental implant cost then you have to choose from the available options. Obviously, insurance companies are running a business. They have made their insurance policy from some financial experts. You just cannot dodge them to have a successful insurance claim which leads them to a loss. Normally, all kinds of dental insurance companies cover only cheap and basic and minor treatments. They don’t cover cosmetic surgeries and dental implant ; as these are much costly jobs. So, it is much harder to find a dental insurance for implants. You have to pay some extra pocket money by yourself to have a successful tooth implant even after claiming some percentage by insurance companies.

Dental Insurance Maryland:

Dental insurance plans in Maryland work almost in the same fashion as the other health insurance. In Maryland, if you are having dental insurance and you are paying monthly or annually premiums then you can have some kind of concession from your own favorite doctor. There are several doctors to choose from; moreover, you can entertain discounted treatment from your own family dentist.

Dental Insurance Columbia:

Dental insurance Columbia has the most versatile insurance offers. You can have dental insurance as regular university group enrollees. Or you can even have student level dental insurance from a suitable university in which you are not even enrolled. It mostly deals with the annual plans, including defined count of checkups and X-Ray checkups without paying extra bucks. You can even pay however you want in Columbia; as the most registered dentists are having all kinds of transaction account maintained.

Dental Insurance MetLife:

Metlife dental insurance

Dental insurance MetLife is considered to be the largest insurance affiliate program that helps a patient to have any kind of health care in his own budget range. Basically, it deals every case as a group dental enrollment and tries to provide any individual the same benefits as the group enrollees. Further, it covers 100% preventive care and there is no strict timeline for the insurance claim. One can claim the benefit whenever and from wherever.

Dental Insurance Aetna:

Aetna dental insurance

Dental Insurance Aetna provides you the feasibility of the employee dental plan even without any proper employee involvement. It covers the treatment plan 100% free (without any kind of pocket cost). Moreover, it provides the instant claimable insurance even for the new contractors. Elsewhere, you would have to wait for few months to be eligible for insurance claim, but the Aetna provides you the instant claimable insurance from the beginning. An exciting fact is that, Aetna provides a discounted card, acting just like a MasterCard; Aetna discount is instantly available from any of the available dentist. An Aetna affiliate network comprising of the most valuable dental treatment providers in the country. Dental Health Alliance (DHA), Dental Network of America (DNOA), Liberty Dental Plan and Humana PPO are just few to count.

Dental Insurance Guardian:

Guardian insurance

As the name suggests, the Dental insurance guardian is really a guardian of the dental insurance. It is the best possible dental health insurance plan one can get. It is so much feasible and customizable, if you want to cover only for a few treatments, you can. If you want it only for a few months, you can. If you want to cover expensive treatments too, yes you can. Guardian is one of the best health insurance deals in America. There is no out of pocket cost even in X-Ray and other costly checkups. Moreover, it is probably the only one contract that covers the expensive sealant treatment and orthodontics for the children up to 19 years old. It has much easy online portal for the best information and appointments.

If you are living in America and you are confused about dental insurance options, then you must consult Dental insurance Guardian. Carefully read all the contracts because there are so much customized options to opt, so choose wisely your best plan. But as you know, nothing is perfect in this world, so as the guardian. It is only available in a few states of America. If you are a resident of California, Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, Florida or New York then you are lucky to be eligible for this masterpiece from the dental insurance contracts. So, get the best possible Invisalign near you as how as possible.

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