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The Best Dental Floss Brands in 2019

Dental floss is something which cannot be ignored while talking about oral health. As you want to get the best possible toothbrush for you, in a same way, you should always consider the best dental floss for your teeth. First of all you should be well aware about dental floss. Dental floss is a tool which is used to floss the teeth and clean the tooth lines, gum lines and those parts which are not directly accessible by a toothbrush. Some people use the normal toothpicks or any kind of sharp papers to floss their teeth, but they won’t get proper results.

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So, you should go with the best dental floss which is used to give the best hygiene results. Now many popular companies are making special dental floss tools for you. There are many famous dental floss brands in UDA. We are providing you the detailed list of best dental floss 2019 from all over the world. We are also going to tell you best dental floss brands in USA. Read the full article to know all the dental floss brands in USA and to choose the best dental floss 2019.

Best Dental Floss 2019

There are four major types of dental floss tools available in 2019. Best oral Hygiene companies are providing you four kinds of solution for your dental flossing. Each kind of dental floss is made for some specific people, specific teeth and specific dental floss usage. You can choose the best dental floss for you after knowing about each of them.

Waxed/Unwaxed Dental Floss:

Waxed and unwaxed dental floss

These are called standard dental flosses. You can easily glide these dental flosses between your tight teeth and remove the any leftovers from your teeth.

Dental Tape:

Dental tape

If you are having some space between your teeth, then you can use dental tape for flossing their teeth.

PTFE Floss:

ptfe dental floss

It is a fabricated dental floss. This special fabric allows you to make dental floss quite easily with comfort. The fabric is reliable and long lasting.

Super Flosses:

Super floss

If you are having braces or dental bridges, then you should go with super flosses.

There are many specific popular dental floss brands available in the market. Major companies like Oral B and Dr. Tung are providing best dental floss solutions. Let’s take a look on them one by one.

Oral B Glide

OralB Glide Floss

Oral B is already considered as the best dental brand all over the worlds. Oral B products are already considered as the best ones with respect to overall usage, reliability and budget. Oral B provides you the best overall dental floss solution. Oral B glide is surely the best floss brand 2019. It is number one recommendations from the dentist because it combines with cleaning power to remove plaque between the teeth and below the gum line. It stimulates the gum and make them stronger against gingivitis and provides a complete dental plan. Whenever you find it somewhere, you see the whole name of this product that justifies its worth. Oral B glide pro-health comfort plus dental floss provides you pro healthy teeth with comfort and proper dental floss. It surely comes on top whenever we discuss best dental floss brands in USA. It has a majority of the buyers on Amazon and has won the buyer’s choice award. You can see the positive rating of it anywhere. It has also a mint flavor and it is more affordable too.

Dr. Tung Smart Floss

Dr. Tung Smart Floss

Dr. Tung is a among best dental floss brands in USA. Firstly, it only produced the products for tongue cleaning. Now it has made many other products regarding complete oral hygiene. As described by the name, Dr. Tung smart floss is especially made for dental flossing. It is a smart floss and does the job smartly. We can easily consider it as the second most popular choice among best dental floss brands in USA. Dr. Tung Smart Floss has a biodegradable dispenser and thick expandable floss, that gives you unmatched plaque cleaning. It is slightly different than some traditional dental flosses. It has radial, rotating dispenser which is biodegradable. This stretchable floss is much softer than other typical dental floss, that does not let you have sensitive teeth. According to Dr. Tung’s claim, it is clinically proven that this smart floss has the capability of removing plaque 55% more than regular flosses. It is slightly expensive compared with the Oral B glide due to its multi functionalities.

Tom’s of Maine

Tom’s of Maine floss

Tom’s of Maine has been focusing on the natural Oral care products for years. It’s floss is considered as dental tape. If your teeth have some space between them, then you can opt the Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque Flat Spearmint Floss. Fresh spearmint flavor gives you complete fresh and cold breath. Tom’s of Maine states that it does not have any synthetic waxes and artificial sweeteners, color or flavor. So, it is perfectly suited for wide-set teeth. It is pure, natural and easy slider that don’t harm the tooth gums.

Platypus Orthodontic Flosser

Platypus Orthodontic Flosser

A special dental floss tool made for teeth with braces. Now you don’t have to be much cautious about braces while flossing, this innovative spatula end of Flosser works fine under the braces’ wire. It fits well with a brace and do perfect cleansing. One of the main advantages of this product is having an extra brush on the opposite side as well, It helps you to brush those areas who were difficult to be reached. You don’t have to wait for braces removal for flossing. Now you can floss your teeth with the braces on with Platypus Orthodontic Flosser

These four are most popular dental floss brands in USA. You should get the desired results with these four popular and best dental floss 2019. Further, you can search other dental floss for kids like Plackers Kids’ Dual Grpiz. Plackers is a good product to encourage kids to do regular dental floss as well as regular toothbrush. It has a firm grip tool with a string of floss. Moreover, you can also have some electric toothbrushes for dental flossing. Many companies are making advanced toothbrushes which are also available online. You should know all about Best Toothbrushes and Best Tooth Pastes in 2019 for complete oral hygiene. Amazon is providing almost every oral hygiene product shipped at home. You can search from Amazon or there are many official sites of big brands which are used to directly order these worthy products. If you cannot find these dental floss brands in your area, then you should buy dental floss online and never compromise on your oral hygiene.

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