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How to Floss Your Teeth (Complete Guide)

Flossing teeth is as important habit for oral hygiene as brushing the teeth. It prevents you to have bad breath. You can still have bad breath, although you regularly brush your teeth twice a day, because your regular toothbrush does not reach the specific area between the teeth. You can only clean that area by flossing your teeth. ADA recommends that you should have a general habit of flossing your teeth.

Most of the recommendations are about flossing back teeth and flossing wisdom teeth. Flossing technique prevents the plaque and bacterial infection in your teeth. Plaque between the tooth lines cannot be removed by simple brushing. You should be aware of the proper flossing technique. Flossing teeth is not much difficult and there are many flossing teeth benefits which cannot be ignored. It requires a simple thin filament or any other medium which is used to remove the any leftover particles in the teeth after dining.

Dental floss

This filament or cleansing material is called dental floss. It ensures the cleansing of those particular areas which cannot be affected by normal toothbrush. If flossing teeth are not done regularly then there is huge possibility of the upcoming tooth sensitivity problems. We all know that tooth sensitivity problems are caused by the food particles which are struck between our teeth. These particles form bacteria that lead to tooth sensitivity problems. All of these problems can be dealt by the simple regular flossing technique.

There are many benefits of flossing teeth. You should be habitual about flossing your teeth regularly. It will restrain you to have any kind of tooth sensitivity in the future. There are many flossing teeth benefits. You just need to know the basics of flossing your teeth, proper flossing technique, flossing tools, guideline about flossing back teeth and flossing wisdom teeth. Let’s cover all information, step by step. First of all we need to learn about dental floss and its proper usage. If we don’t know the proper usage and proper method of dental floss, then flossing teeth won’t give us any benefit either.

How to Use Dental Floss

dental floss usage

Flossing teeth is important for oral hygiene. Experts suggest that you should regularly floss your teeth off and on. It takes mere few minutes for proper flossing technique. You can do daily flossing at night before going to sleep. You can either do casual flossing after every proper dining having chewable item like chicken or beef. Children must also do regular flossing because they are habitual of having toffees and other fast food items on a regular basis. You should teach your children the proper flossing technique and advise them to do proper flossing back teeth and flossing wisdom teeth. You can buy some advanced dental flosses like string dental floss or nylon floss. Nylon floss is better for teenagers because it is available in both options either waxed or unwaxed. Further, it has many flavors too. You can also use some advanced electric toothbrush, which is also used to remove plaque from teeth.

Flossing Techniques and Tricks


The proper usage and care of dental floss is much important regarding flossing your teeth. You should take as much care of your dental floss as you take care of your personal tooth brush. There are many flossing tools that can be used for dental floss. Some people use paper cards, cutlery items or anything having a sharp edge for flossing. But these sharp items weakens the teeth by disturbing the enamel of teeth. You should use proper flossing tools that are built for you, like dental picks and string flosses. You can use a piece of strain in your house grabbing with your fingers. If you are going for in-house flossing technique, then you should follow the tips for strained flossing tools are listed below:

  • You should take strained piece of about 18 inches and wrap it around your fingers to make a strong grip.
  • Pick the dental floss tightly with your thumb and forefinger.
  • Gently rub the floss between your tooth lines. Don’t over do it around the gums, it will lead to gum bleeding.
  • Try this method for all teeth. You should make sure to floss between all teeth and other sides of last teeth as well.
  • Dispose the used strain away, it is now affected by bacteria. It can’t be used twice.

Now many dental companies are producing the handheld flosses for you to make the flossing your teeth easier. So, everyone can now take the flossing teeth benefits. You can simply hold the dental floss tool in your hand and you can gently floss your teeth with flossing tip. Keep the same up-down and then C-curve motion for all teeth. Don’t go much near the gum surface, otherwise you can harm your gum tissues and you can have tooth sensitivity problem.

Besides the general flossing your teeth, you should be well aware about the flossing back teeth and flossing wisdom teeth too. There are some other tricks and aspects, that must be kept in mind while flossing wisdom teeth or flossing back teeth. Have a look on these points too.

How to Floss Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth

Flossing wisdom teeth is relatively a complex process rather than flossing your normal teeth. Wisdom teeth are referred as the last pair of teeth, appears in the 3rd molar session. They are called wisdom teeth because they usually come up with matured age. The wisdom tooth is usually congested with the mouth because of lesser space. It is harder to clean the wisdom teeth because of their congestion. However, There are some possibilities to take care of proper cleansing and flossing back teeth. Some are listed below:

  • You can use some different advanced tools to reach the back teeth. You can use smaller toothbrush, that assists you in flossing back teeth.
  • There are different shapes of toothbrush are available in the current market. You can choose the perfect one for your teeth.
  • Soft bristled brush is recommended by many experts to avoid any gum disease. Because if you ever accidently harm your gums then you may face some other serious tooth sensitivity problems.
  • Some specialists advise you to rinse your teeth on a regular basis if you can’t do flossing your teeth with ease. Some assist you by advising their specific customized rinse to use after some specific intervals.
  • You can use a homemade salt rinse or a hydrogen peroxide rinse to cope with the back teeth and wisdom teeth. But it is still better to have a good habit of flossing wisdom teeth and flossing back teeth too.

There are some additional techniques and trick to follow, whenever you need the flossing your teeth. Some tablets are available in the market which are used to indicate the specific areas that are affected by the plaque. After chewing those tablets, you can easily focus on those parts while flossing back teeth. You can even purchase some specific lenses to have a better view regarding your teeth while flossing back teeth. These are usually used by special dentists, who diagnosed the all kinds of sensitive issues in your mouth. Hence, flossing is much important for your oral health. It does not matter how you do it, which flossing techniques and tricks are you using. Otherwise, you can have many tooth sensitivity problems. If you are having some tooth sensitivity problems or you are having bad breath, you should immediately consult a specialist or you should be well aware of all home treatments for bad breath.

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