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The 5 Common Types Of Braces and Their Cost

Few people are lucky enough in this world who born with perfect teeth. Pre mature teeth of every kid are not much important but when regular teeth are come out, they are the most important for everyone. Some people who don’t have perfect teeth they feel awkward themselves in public. They can’t smile in public or in gathering because they feel shyness while opening their mouth.

There are different types of teeth problem in people. Some people have much space in their teeth and some of them haven’t perfect alignment. So, that’s why people need teeth braces to align their bad teeth structure. 

If you need dental braces living in Howard County, Columbia MD, Ellicott City and nearby, then:

In past, people didn’t have enough recourses and technology for teeth treatment but now it’s a modern life, every person has access to a good dentist. Now people can get good alignment of their teeth through braces.

There are many types of braces in the market and their relevant costs are different. You can see the types of braces with pictures on internet or in any dental clinic so you can choose from different types of braces and cost. Many types of braces are now available, but 5 most common dental braces are as below :

  1. Ceramic braces,
  2. Traditional metal braces,
  3. Invisible braces,
  4. Lingual braces,
  5. Self-ligating braces.
Different types of dental braces

Now, let’s discuss about different type of braces and cost. First of all, we are going to give information about metal braces.

Metal Braces

Metal braces

Metal braces are basically traditional braces which are being used for many decades. In the past, the size of these braces was much bigger, but with the passage of time, thing are going to be smarter. They are built with metal, which is used to attach the all teeth in a row positioning all of them in a sequence. They are made from a high grade stainless steel. They have metal brackets that are attached to each and every tooth using a type of cement or any other medium. This type of brace is having a lesser price among all types of braces and cost, but it is not comfortable for people. Because when they eat some food, the particles of food stay in the brackets.

They need to brush every time when they eat any kind of food. Now metal teeth braces are upgraded, they are created by a wire that move the teeth faster and giving lesser pain. In the past, when you smiled, laughed or talked with someone, this wire could be visible to next person. Now you can choose different color of rubber bands around each bracket. It’s a good way to hide your weakness by having a specific shade of color which is blended well with the teeth. It takes a long time for having a perfect alignment of teeth. As we know, the technology is upgraded in this era and scientists have invented many types of braces. So, let’s talk about advanced alignment options.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are advanced shape of metal braces. These braces work in the same method of metallic one, but these are made of ceramic material that has the same color and style according to the teeth. This is an advanced technology so it’s hard to see on the teeth. In this you can choose your own color, style, even the specific shape according to the teeth. By this, your teeth will be moved in a desired position, but this type is much costly than traditional options. This type of treatment is mostly referring to short term. It can solve your problem within almost 12 to 16 months not like the traditional braces taking almost 24 to 30 months for best treatment. If your mouth, skin or lips are sensitive, you’ll feel the irritation in your mouth. So if you have some kind of sensitivity, then you should move on some further advanced technologies.

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Invisible Braces

Invisalign braces

Next technology is Invisible braces and some people called this technology as Invisalign. It is the most common and most effective system of invisible aligner on the market. However, it’s not ideal for everyone. This technology is usually more expensive than traditional method of teeth alignment. This type of aligner is easy to replace and remove whenever you want. These Invisalign doesn’t give any kind of pain to the user. One of the biggest benefits of this aligner is that you can just wear this aligner on those specific teeth which you want to align. For an average person who wants to align his teeth, this treatment usually takes almost 10 to 24 months. But it depends on the basic tooth structure of a person. This treatment is much costly than all traditional types of braces and cost.

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Lingual Braces

Lingual braces

Now let’s discuss about Lingual Braces, this is another type of tooth treatment. The design of this thing is initially bonded with a system known as Torque Angulations which gives permission to the dentist to place a bracket on the lingual surface of the teeth for alignment. As you know, traditional metal alignment is used in front side of teeth. However, this type of brackets is used back side of teeth. That’s why it’s almost totally invisible to others. Young kids can’t use this treatment because the kid’s tooth size is not so big. If a young man wants to use this he can adopt this for sure. Young man has already enough longer space in his mouth to provide space to adjust it on the back side of his teeth. This treatment is best due to invisibility, but it’s hard to place inside it. It also creates a problem, by wearing this; your mouth creates extra saliva even if you don’t touch them with your tongue.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-Ligating Braces

Last type is self-ligating. Nowadays, this type of tooth braces is getting famous more than others. When humans get more development in technology, they invent more ways of treatment for every disease. They have also been advanced regarding tooth problems and they have already invented modern ways of teeth treatment. Some are highly effective and some are lesser effective, but the costs of all methods are different. Self-ligating method is costly, but it is also more efficient in treatment. It gives more comfort to the patient than other ways of treatment. These braces are not just a combination of wire and elastics like traditional methods. These are made by special clips or brackets that help each other to achieve more accuracy. Its efficiency is the best of all time. It has different styles: one is metal and 2nd is clear bracket. So you can easily clean your teeth.

What Type of Braces Work the Fastest?

After getting information about all types of braces with pictures, now we’ll discuss the best and fastest way of teeth alignment for every age of persons. As we have already cleared everything about all types of braces and cost plus their treatment duration. The body structure of every person is not the same. Some have more calcium and vitamins in their body and some have lesser enzymes. Every treatment is not fit for every person. So, you should search different types of braces with pictures to choose the best suitable braces for you. If you have complex teeth problem, it can take a long time. For all these we should go to a dentist and he’ll guide us best way of treatment, according to our need and how much our teeth need to be aligned. Many dentists think modernized metallic braces and invisible (Invisalign) are the most efficient. They take 2 or 3 months for normal teeth alignment because of their structure. You can see the different types of braces with pictures on the internet to get the idea of your most favorable brace. After reading the whole article you should be clear about Invisalign or Braces, which is better?

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Many of the specialists think that Invisalign is way better, but some cases need just metal braces due to simple task or cost efficiency. You need to have a complete guide to Invisalign cost. There are some popular cities (like Maryland, Columbia, Md) which are quite famous for specialized dental treatment. You must search and get all details about Invisalign in Maryland.

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