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How to Deal With Toothache at Night (Tips and Tricks)

Toothache at night is the most annoying thing that can happen with a person. Toothache is already an anxious thing, but more painful and pity thing is an unbearable toothache at night. We can observe that every little child has to bear the kid toothache at night, they have to face an unbearable toothache at night and they just wonder that how it can be more painful and how can they overcome it overnight? There can be many specific reasons, one of the most common reasons is that, whenever a kid falls asleep, the blood circulation surrounds the head and creates extra blood pressure, which leads to severe kid toothache at night.

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Children are supposed to be sweet lovers in their childhood. There are many chances of having cavities in their teeth. When they fall asleep, the saliva and other hormones have to do their specific jobs in the mouth, but the cavities’s sensitivity leads to intense kid toothache at night. There are many home remedies and tips to avoid the severe kid toothache at night and how to fall asleep with a toothache. It is a complete guide about toothache at night, the causes of kid toothache at night, the prevention, the guide about how to fall a sleep with a toothache and home remedies and its treatment.

Unbearable toothache at night

Sleeping while having toothache

Unbearable toothache at night is as serious problem as other serious diseases like abnormal BP and sudden shocks. You cannot avoid it anyhow, it just becomes worse than you could have imagined. There can be many possible reasons of the unbearable toothache at night. It depends on your dinner and the amount of calories and sweetness you have taken. Maybe you have been busy over the day and you won’t have a chance to feel the toothache as much as you feel in the night. Some people also have a bad habit of clenching their jaws. But if they have a toothache, they must strictly avoid it.

Otherwise, they are definitely going to have severe toothache at night. There can be another important reason of having a severe toothache at night is a sleeping posture. Some people are habitual of sleeping in a side posture. If they are already having a toothache in their side teeth, then they must avoid their favorite sleeping position for a couple of days. Let’s see the possible methods and techniques on how to fall asleep with a toothache.

How to fall asleep with a toothache

Sleeping after toothache

Unfortunately, it is much difficult to fall asleep with a toothache, but there are some possible ways which assist us about how to fall asleep with a toothache. Note them down somewhere, it is no wonder that you may also have an unbearable toothache at night at some point of your life. You should be aware of dulling this toothache for a good sleep.

Hygiene your teeth before going to bed:

First of all, you should clean your mouth and teeth before going to bed. If you are already having toothache due to your sensitive teeth, then you should avoid using tooth brush. You should rinse your mouth with a mouthwash instead.

Don’t consume acidic or cold eatables before going to bed:

You should not consume any of the acidic food, hot food or any alcoholic drink because they trigger the toothache and you won’t be able to cope with it over the night.

Foment your sensitive teeth with ice pack before going to bed:

An ice block can obtund the unbearable tootache at night. You should use an ice block wrapped in a cloth and use it on a sensitive tooth for a couple of minutes. It will dull the toothache and you can have a good sleep afterwards.

Use some pain killers in an emergency:

If nothing is going in your favor then you can have some pain killers after doctor’s prescription. Don’t go with overdose of pain killers. Don’t give benzoic pain killers to underage children.

Keep your head slightly elevated:

As we have already discussed that blood pressure around the head and the mouth can impose a bitter toothache, you should keep your head slightly elevated to avoid an unbearable toothache at night. You can use small pillows for your children so they can avoid the kid toothache at night.

Toothache at night remedies and treatments

There are many home remedies available. We have tried our best to compile the best possible toothache at night remedies and treatments for you. Some popular and more feasible home remedies are listed below.

Salted water

1. Salted Water Rinse

Salted water rinse is an ancient home remedy for teeth. It works as an antibacterial agent, that’s why some old people use the salt to clean their teeth. It reduces the inflammation and infection around a decayed tooth or sensitive gum. Salted water can also assist in removing any leftover particles in the mouth.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

Another common rinse is the hydrogen peroxide rinse. It provides complete hygiene in your mouth by killing all bacteria who cause the gum swelling and severe toothache in sensitive teeth.

Peppermint tea

3. Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is an also great pain relieving home remedy for unbearable toothache at night. You can swish it around your teeth several times to get temporary relief.


4. Garlic

One of the most organic home remedies for toothache is garlic. Garlic is also used in many other home remedies because it has some great antibacterial qualities so it can be much effective to chew small amount of garlic whenever you are dealing with toothache. Some people can not chew it because of its bitter taste, they should make a paste of garlic and salt and use it on sensitive teeth to get pain relief.

If you are not getting any better even after trying the above home remedies, you should consult a professional dentist for possible treatment of this severe toothache at night. There may be many possible causes which need to be treated well to avoid the intense toothache. One of the most prominent causes of toothache is the tooth decay. Tooth decay needs to be treated as soon as possible, otherwise it leads to cavities which turn into permanent toothache. There can be simple and common causes of toothache, if we don’t pay much attention to our oral hygiene, then we should be prepared ourselves for sudden toothache because it can be happened due to food leftovers in teeth or gums. Some people have sensitive gums, they should use soft brushes, otherwise their gum disease will lead into severe toothache. Some people may have recent tooth extraction service, they should be much aware of its hygiene. Otherwise, their tooth extraction will lead them into cavities and they will have a permanent toothache or maybe their surrounding teeth will need tooth extraction as well due to infection. You should take care of tooth extraction aftercare to speed up the recovery process. You should visit and read the complete guideline about tooth extraction after care.

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